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Zooming Over to Holland as Spring Meet La Vie en Rose!

La Vie en Rose!

I’m sorry I’m a day or two late with my blog this week but I’ve been out and about a fair bit these last few days performing shows while squeezing in rehearsal time in-between performances. I have a lot of different show briefs I have to get ready and rehearse, while still making time to learn new music. I’m constantly up dating my shows and it’s important I’m able to sing anytime, anyplace, anywhere with whatever the client may ask for. This can vary from Opera to Rock and Roll and any manor of musical styles in between. So it’s important to always be prepared!

This week I’ve had something of a mixed bag from “A Song for Spring”, a French inspired show “La Vie en Rose” to zooming across to Rotterdam with Hollywood Musicals, 1940s to the 70s and more. It’s a lot to keep fresh in ones head all at once and it does require work maintaining spontaneity. Last week I was rehearsing my French songs and it’s been interesting to see the video footage from my shows. I now try and stream my performances as much as possible

Zooming From Home Over to Holland!

which it’s proving to be a great learning tool. It’s helping enormously with my singing technique although getting the technology to work seamlessly every time can be challenging especially if the wifi goes down.

Back in the old days it was easy to make audio rehearsal recordings. I would first take my sheet music along to a pianist who would note bash my songs through before I would make a decision on which numbers I would put into production and have made into backing tracks. With the Covid lock down it’s not been possible for me to see a pianist so I’ve been having to cross reference with

Streaming Live In My Easter Bonnet!

You Tube. Fortunately there is so much material on line I’m usually able to find what I’m looking for but it’s not the same as having a pianist who can go over those awkward bits, and check all notes have been correctly learn’t.

Last Tuesday it’s was wonderful to have the opportunity to sing to the members of “The Pickwick Club” in Rotterdam and I would like to say a big thank-you to Gill Van Beest for inviting me. I did try and video the show but sadly the footage didn’t come out properly and I was a little concerned about the sound quality. I’m still waiting to hear the feed back from the club but

Rehearsing at Home in my Scruffs!

sometime on zoom you can be in the hands of the Gods if the Wi Fi dips out.

Today I was performing in High Wycombe “La Vie en Rose” a French inspired show as I mixed French songs with songs from shows set in Paris and more. You can see footage from today’s show on my personal Facebook page and also Wednesday’s “A Song for Spring” show too. Tomorrow I’m in Chalfont St Peter with the last of my “Song for Spring” shows before it’s all change next week with St Georges Day and Pearly Queen shows.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and By for Now! 😉