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Accessories of Old & Getting Back to Normal!

Shopping at Accessories of Old!

Isn’t it lovely to see the sun and to be out again enjoying a little bit of retail therapy. Like every-one I’m looking forward to getting back to some sort of normality and now the restrictions on non essential retail have been lifted it’s wonderful to be able to browse in pretty shops and Antique centers once more. It does wonders for my morale!

Last Sunday I made it into London as I visited “Accessories of Old” in Fulham. I’ve been wanting to make it down to one of their open days for months now but due to the lock down and

Finding the Perfect Pair of Sun Glasses!

my singing engagements I hadn’t been able to get any of my dates to tally. Last weekend that all changed as they opened up to the public and I had a list of goodies I needed.

There’s nothing I delight in more than a bit of a bazaar and rummage and “Accessories of Old” never disappoints as they have a wonderful array of old new vintage stock which they have been slowly transporting back from their warehouse in South Africa.  The last time I visited I was able to pick up some incredible vintage sequin trimming and  on this occasion my list included 1940s sun glasses, 60s earrings and vintage watch chains. I

In the Hair Dresses!

have a number of projects I’m currently working on and I now try and shop to order. It’s easy to get carried away but fortunately I was able to find everything I went for and better still I was even able to park out-side. On the way back I stopped off in Berkhamstead and enjoyed the last of the Spring sunshine as I sat out and enjoyed a coffee while watching the world go by.

This Friday it’s St Georges Day and I’m looking forward to performing two Pearly Queen shows back to back. It’s been far too long since I was last at the hair dresses so I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to make it along to “Hair by Kim” on Tuesday. Neglected lock down hair has been getting me down but after a couple of hours with Kim  I felt rejuvenated. Presentation matters and it’s important I look well turned out when performing my shows. Next week I’m booked in to have a number of well over due beauty treatments as I get  back to normal and work on looking my best.

Colour Restored & Hair Back to Normal!

Dates are starting to sell or be it slowly and I’m looking forward to a time when I can be out shooting and filming again. I’ve a number of songs I’d like to record and put to film so once things open up I hope to check out a few locations.

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