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We’ll Meet Again and Remberance!

For all my blog followers out there you will know these last few days have been prity non stop which is why I haven’t posted much this weekend. On Friday I was performing at my old school Leighton Middle telling the children about how social and political events brought about the changes in popular music during WW2. It’s always great fun going into schools as the children are so full of life and I enjoy harnessing their energy and enthusiasm. Of course the queston I always get asked is “Did you serve in WW2” and the other one – Are you famous? Which always makes me chuckle!

I always reply “No I’m not famous -I’m just known”! and I guess after Come Dine with Me that must be so now ha ha!
Saturday was crazy with a 2.15pm show in Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire and then a quick dash up to St Helens in Merseyside for a 9.30pm start. I’m not sure how I did it as it was tight for time but I did and the show couldn’t have gone better. I was booked to sing at the Rainford Village Hall which is a lovely venue and a good size too. So much better than your average Village Hall by far which can comfortable seat 200 people. Just before I came on they had The Rainford Concert Band who played beautifully and who are of a very high standard. The night was a complete sell out so much so that the organiser put on two nights.

My Old School Leighton Middle!

Sadly I couldn’t do the Friday night as well so I recommended Trumpet player Ricky Hunter who was a complete wow and went down a storm! Two great nights!
Sunday I had a show in Luton which I dashed back for and I have been singing again today with it being remembrance. I’ve shows all this week and on Friday I’ve two shows back to back before heading off to sing for the Ride High Ball in the evening! Much to do and then I’m back on the road again for Saturday as I make it down to Yeovil.
It’s hard to believe but I start my Christmas season in two weeks time Scary or What!
Well must go as I feel really tied and I need my bed.
Thank-you for following and Toodle Pip for Now!