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Remberance, 1914, Come Dine with Me & Back to School!

Me with Joe Marling The Poppy Man of Pitstone!

It wont come as any surprise to learn that tonight was the night when I went out on national TV and sang on “Come Dine with Me”.Thank-you every-one for your kind comments and to the lovely Kim who did my Sound and Hair and to Peter Pickering who invited me to sing at his party. I know no-one is allowed to say who wins until Friday’s program has been aired but I think Peter is in with a very good chance! I really did like the look of his Bread and Butter pudding! Yummy! Of course Kim and I never saw the meal we were hiding in the House Keepers Cottage ready to spring out when called. So it was lovely to see Peter’s Dinner as he prepared it!
This week I’m getting all set for Remembrance weekend and what a weekend I have a head of me too. Friday I shall be returning to Leighton Middle School and teaching two classes back to back about World War Two Music. My lesson plan concentrates on 4 different types of music – Big Band and Swing, Sing-along, Patriotic and Novelty songs and how social and political events brought about the changes in popular music during the 1940s. I also bring along props and visual aids, which reminds me – I hope my mother hasn’t eaten up all the spam again. I will have to check the cupboard! One thing – Spam does have a long self life but not with my mother around!

Saturday is going to be crazy I have a 2.15pm show in Sawbridgeworth in Herts and then I have to dash all the way up to St Helens in Lancashire to be on stage for 9.30pm in the evening. I’m staying over in St Helens and then dashing back to Bedfordshire on Sunday to be on stage at 3pm in Luton. Mad or what but exciting! I love my life!
I shall be in Milton Keynes on Monday for the 11th and then the following weekend I will be down in Somerset performing at Yeovil so busy busy!
I hope you all have your Poppys for remembrance. The other day I visited my friend Joe Marling in Pitstone who stands out-side Mason’s Stores collecting for the Poppy Appeal. If you haven’t bought your poppy yet do pay him a visit as he is very keen to beat his target from last year!
2014 is starting to take shape and I’m looking forward to playing lots of WW1 events next year. I don’t know many entertainers who cover this period and on Monday I was in the recording studio sorting out some new medleys for my WW1 shows. For me it’s always like Christmas every time I pick up a new track from Richard. He does all my musical arrangements and each one is worth it’s weight in gold. I’ve known Richard years and I greatly prize his talent and skill. I also recorded a few sound sample for my web-site which I hope to add in with a new video page. This page will be easier to do when my web-site goes mobile so lots to plan for. In the mean time I hope it wont be long now before you see my new articles page so Keep Watching and I shall keep you posted.
Must dash as I still have some e-mails to do before bed.
Thanks for following and Toodle Pip!