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We’ll Meet Again

It’s just a quick blog today as I have to get myself packed up for Norfolk and ready for Saturday’s shows. Today I did a show for a home where the residents suffer with very serous dementa and I’m just so pleased I was able to bring these people out of themselves through music.
 To be a professional singer is a job of privalage and durring my carear I’ve seen it all. When I entered this room there were people shouting and auguing with each other but when I stated to sing they soon forgot their problems and started to join in with me. I think what is very sobering is this could be anyone of us in a few years time and I can’t think of anything worse than to loose ones mind. Not everyone can entertain people with dementa as it is a highly skilled job. Today was a great success and very rewarding!
I also did a small photo shoot with my friend Joe who has been niked named The Poppy Man of Pitstone as he stands out-side the Village stores and collects for the whole durration for the appeal. I only wish there were more people like Joe in the world. Sadly one hears so many stories about people who use the appeal to line their own pockets and don’t give to charity at all. Such people should be taken out and shot. I can’t think of anything more dishonest and dispickable than to steel from charity. I hope I never come into contact with one as I feel sure I would delight in giving them a very public dressing down!
Must dash now – much to do and Toodle Pip!