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Vintage Shows & Moving Forward into 2021!

Fiona Harrison - vintage singer

Looking Forward to 2021!

Despite us all living though another serious lock down it’s still very much business as usual here at Harrison HQ. There’s never a shortage of work to be done and I’m constantly planning, designing and thinking about how I can improve my shows and media presentation. Which is why I’m thrilled to announce the introduction of a new Vintage Shows Page to my web-site. Karen and I launched it this week and you can view this new page by clicking the link below.

Even in the Car Park The Show Must Go On!

I’m particularly proud of the photos. It’s taken me years to put this collection together. A lot of thought and planning goes into all my pages but I thought it would be easier for clients to have all my vintage shows in one place. I currently have 25 different shows in my repertoire but listing them all on one page can turn into something of a scroll. It’s important clients can find the information they need quickly which is why I thought this page would be a great addition to my web-site. It is my intention to add a Seasonal Shows page in time but for the moment that’s a project for another day when I have collected together the right imagery.

We'll Meet Again - Fiona Harrison - 60s vintage singer

Images from My New Vintage Shows page!

Fiona Harrison - 1960s vintage singer

I’ve Got a Ticket to Ride in the 60s Style!

I also have to start work on sorting out my press cuttings for “What the Papers Say”. I still haven’t quite got my head around how this page will look but I dare say once I start sorting out my cuttings the eureka moment will come and everything will fall into place.

For now I have lots of songs and new arrangements to learn as I prepare myself for the Spring season. I’m still able to sing out-doors and yesterday I was performing in a car park for a care home in Farnham Common. Music is so important for peoples mental health and I’m enjoying figuring out how to deal with all the different challenges this pandemic is causing while still maintaining social distancing and keeping every-one safe.

Yesterday I needed three speakers to make my show work. It’s really too cold to have doors and windows open so I had two Ev 300s with me in the car park and another smaller speaker which I daisy chained inside the home so the residence could hear. I was booked to perform my “Happy New Year Winter Warmer” show for the residence which went down extremely well. This show includes lots of feel good tunes from the 1950s, 60s and 70s and it was lovely to see the residences singing along with me through the windows. I was also able to try out two of my new songs Connie Francis’s Stupid Cupid and Nat King Cole’s L-O-V-E as I prepare for Valentines Day.

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