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A Voice in a Million

Aladdin, Up Dating the Swinging 60s & Getting Set for 2021!

Going 1960s

Fiona Harrison - 1950s and 1960s vintage singer

I’ve Got a ticket to Ride!

Happy New Year every-one and here’s to a fantastic 2021! Now we are into a fresh new year there’s plenty of work to be done and I’ve been busy this week working with my web-designer Karen. We’ve been up dating my web-site as I thought it was high time we refreshed and introduced a couple of new pages. I’ve been going through  photos and we’ve already up dated my Shows page by adding in more information about my Zoom shows and Driveway concerts. Do take a peek

Some of you may remember I did a 1960s photo shoot back in September with photographer Angela Adams. Naturally I’ve been keen to add these shots to my 1950s & 60s page especially as they feature two lovely vintage cars from the 1960s.  A lot of thought goes into my web-site and it takes an age going through photos trying to find exactly the right shot to sell each show. I was so pleased I was able to squeeze the 60s shoot in last year, between lock downs as I felt some of my previous photos were a little tame fashion wise. You can’t really do the 60s without including white boots and mini skirts and it’s good I now have that part of my vintage wardrobe

New Years Day Driveway Concert!

Other pages I have in the pipeline include Vintage Shows and What the Papers Say so keep watching this space.

Another exciting job I was able to complete this week was picking up my new Aladdin arrangement. Richard is the best musical arranger I know and what he’s produced for me this Christmas is phenomenal. Aladdin will be a great addition to my repertoire as it ticks my Musical Theater, Hollywood box. The fact it’s Disney and magical makes it’s perfect for Halloween, Christmas and the Panto season not to mention ideal for family audiences and Driveway concerts

The Aladdin Vocal Score!

too. At just under eight minutes it quite the monster, however the advantage of this medley is it can be sung in two half’s or whole which is extremely useful when I’m performing a “Magic of the Musicals” show as 2 x 45 minute sets. It gives me the option of finishing the first half of my show with “A Friend like Me” and “Prince Ali” plus I can open the second half of my concert with “Arabian Nights”, “One Jump” and “A Whole New World”. It’s really versatile which helps no end with show planning.

Looking back on 2020 I’m pleased I’ve been able to learn how to stream and do zoom shows. I feel this to be a great achievement and a major step forward for me technologically. There is so much one needs to know and usually when I pick up a new arrangement from Richard I record a demo track at the same time. Due to the lock down rules things had to be done slightly differently and it was necessary for me to record

Happy New Year!

my vocals at home by singing into my phone.  I then e-mailed my recording to Richard which he then synced with the track. These recordings help me to learn my words quickly and I’m looking forward very much to performing Aladdin soon. So we didn’t break the lock down, when I went to the studio this time I had to stay out-side. I also had a number of other songs to pick up which I will be rehearsing and adding into my shows before very long.

As for the rest of the week I have a number of contracts to do as I continue with my Driveway concerts. As long as people watch me from their own gardens and driveways these style of performances are still permissible due to the fact I’m one person rather than part of a band. I expect I will be performing Driveway concerts for much of this year until Covid – 19 is a singed to history once we’ve all been vaccinated. Lets hope that’s soon.

I shall leave you with a few of my 60s photos and shots from my New Years Day Driveway Concert.

Keep Following and Toodle Pip! 😉