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Vintage Fair Magazine is Now Live!

The Front Cover Design!

The Front Cover Design!

Thrilling news my blog today is all about the launch of my new vintage magazine and my modeling shoot which has just been featured in the Christmas issue of “Norfolk on My Mind”. Rachel was able to go live with my new 50 page “Vintage Fair” Magazine today. You can access it by clicking through to my Media page and also by clicking onto the magazine link. The link will take you through to Issuu which is a social media site for magazines. So please click onto the link and I hope you enjoy the content. As yet I’m still leaning how to read on Issuu myself but here are a few instructions. I still haven’t found out how to enlarge the script yet so have a play around at home and let me know how you get on. Once you have opened the page you can click onto the grey arrows at the side of the pages to turn and just press Esc to come out of it.

Fiona Harrison Shopping for Gloves

Shopping for Gloves!

Fiona Harrison at Hammersmith Town Hall

1940s Red Lipstick!

Fiona Harrison at Hammersmith

Trying on the New Suit!

Fiona Harrison Paul Marsden

Out and About with Paul at Hammersmith!

I can’t tell you how much work has gone into this magazine and a big thank-you to Rachel for all her hard work. I would also like to thank the many photographers I have worked with over these last 5 years, since I started managing myself. I’m always off on shoots and it’s lovely to see the photos with perspective which only a magazine can sometime give. I would like to thank Lewis Brockway for the front cover shot, Retro Air Photographic, Colin Aldous, Alexis Lahaye, Robert Estell and Angela Adams. I worked with Angela again this August when I did a photo shoot at The Control Tower, Egmere in Norfolk. “Norfolk on my Mind” magazine were interested in the shoot and they have just featured me as a model in their Christmas issue. It’s all very exciting as I’ve never thought of myself as a model before so do click on the link. Once again “Norfolk on my Mind” is on issuu and you can catch me on pages 45, 46, 47

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with Paul as we took a well deserved rest from shows and visited the Vintage Fashion Fair at  Hammersmith Town Hall. I love visiting the Fair and I had something of a shopping list. On this occasion I was looking for gloves but left with a beautiful late 40s black suit, stockings, a couple of pairs of earings, 2 red lipsticks from the 40s and one pair of long black leather gloves. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to find the right pair to go with my 1920s beaded gown although I did come very close. You can see my photos by clicking through to facebook.

I’m afraid I will only have time to blog once this week. Once again I have a very busy week ahead and so much to do and plan for with shows twice daily. On Friday I’m heading off to Stratford Upon Avon as I booked to perform at The Ettington Chase Hotel and I wont be back until later on Sunday so i look forward to catching up with you next week. In the mean time I hope you enjoy the magazines.

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