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VE Weekend, Chichester and off to Gloucester

We'll Meet Again in Pitstone!

We’ll Meet Again in Pitstone!

Me with Joe and his Jeep in Pitstone!

Me with Joe and his Jeep in Pitstone!

Entering into the spirit of the 40s at Walton Village Hall

Entering into the spirit of the 40s at Walton Village Hall

Selling CDs at Woburn Golf Club!

Selling CDs at Woburn Golf Club!

It wont come as any surprise to learn that I’m in a dash again so sadly I can’t spend too long on my blog tonight. I’m only here for tonight and then I’m back on the road again tomorrow bright and early. I’m booked to perform a couple of “We’ll Meet Again” shows down in Chictester and then I’m in London on the 13th – 14th so I must sort out my costumes before going to bed tonight.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to blog on Friday but this weekend has been non stop with VE celebrations, my feet haven’t touched the floor! In fact I could have sold this weekend 5 or 6 times over and the number of calls and e-mails I had from venues and clients who have been let down by artists who took the bookings and then got better paid jobs else where has been frightening! I’m amazed by the number of people who claim to be professional entertainers who think it’s acceptable to let venues and events down at the last-minute. It’s true I could have shopped around and made a lot more money this weekend but I think it is important to honour the clients who book you first. Entertaining is a little like farming and if a career is to grow you have to farm for the future by being reliable, putting on a good show every time which in turn builds respect!

I was performing up in Nuneaton on Friday as I was booked to do two shows back to back. I had some very well paid job offers to go to Brighton Essex and one up in Yorkshire but I felt it was important to honour the client who booked me first. The same with Saturday. I was booked to perform for a community event in Pitstone in the afternoon and I had all sorts of offers which could have taken me to the other end of the country. As it happens I was thrilled to be booked by Walton Village Hall which is only junction 20 off the M1. So by a twist of fate I was able to fit both jobs in. Paul very kindly came up for the day and sung at both events. He also helped me out with the driving as it can be a real killer late at night. It’s lovely to see just how well Paul is progressing as a singer. Paul Marsden is a name to look out for in the future and quite the star! You heard it here first!

Today I have been performing in Woburn at the Golf Club for the Rotary Club. I was engaged as an after lunch speaker and I put together a program of Opera to Musical theatre and included a few of my favourite poems. I enjoyed the event very much and I hope I have the pleasure of entertaining them again

I’m more or less ready to head down to Chichester tomorrow and when I get back from London I’m off to Gloucester on Saturday to perform at Longhope Church for the theatre club. Last year I was booked to do the 1940s and this year Paul and I have been engaged to perform the Swinging 50s and 60s so I’m looking forward to that very much.

Gosh just seen the time so must dash. I’m away now until Friday and then straight off to Longhope. I will try to get a blog out next Friday.

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!