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Tower Museum Bassingbourn

Dont forget to come along to the Tower Museum at Bassingbourn this Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th May. A Wonderful 1940s War Time Weekend with WW2 Vintage and Military vehicles, Living History Groups, B17 Cockpit, Aircraft Displays and so much more. I shall be singing at 4.15pm both days ATS Saturday WAAF Sunday. Sadly Dan and Laura Curtis have had to pull out as they were down to do The Great American songbook. I shall be covering their slots at 11.30am -12.15pm both days. I have lots of American music and A Great American Song Book show so no worries and I may well mix things around with my Horray for Hollywood and Stars and Stripes Show too! Do come early as gates open at 10am and there will be lots to see!
Once again it’s been a busy day – I was over at Bassingbourn this morning having a look at the stages and hats off to Chris and Amy who have worked so hard to make this event happen. All the money raised will go towards The Tower Museum and for those of you who know your history this was the home of the “Memphis Belle” Station 121.

This will be my last blog before the weekend as I have a show towmorrow and I will then be heading onto Bassingbourne straight afterwards and staying at the officer’s Mess. I shall be doing my own sound this weekend although wonderful Kim will be popping along on the Sunday with the family so I may well get a bit of a helping hand! I shall be back in the recording studio first thing Monday morning sorting out the rest of my tracks for Evette the Spivette and I shall be launching her the following weekend. Do keep Watching and Bye for Now!