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The Old Rugged Cross & Off Up to Newark for the Auto Sleepers Rally!

Out-side All Saint’s Church!

Once again I’m rushing against the clock to get everything done in time for the weekend. As yet I still have my show plans to finish before I head off on Friday to sing for the Auto Sleepers Owners Club Rally which this year is taking place at the Newark Show Ground. I’ve been engaged to perform a “Vintage Spectacular” 2 x 45 minute sets featuring songs from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s. I performed for them once before and it’s great to be going back to sing for them after my 2020 booking was postponed due to the pandemic. This evening I’ve been  polishing my shoes and brasses in preparation. I’ve been asked to wear my 1940s ATS uniform for the first half and then it’s all change and full skirts for my Rock and Roll finale.

Speaking of full skirts I had a fitting this week for my Jubilee dress. It’s coming along splendidly and perhaps not surprisingly I have a very busy June diary ahead of me. My Jubilee season starts on the 23rd May and then for the next

Rehearsing with Philip!

four weeks I have 32 “Happy and Glorious” shows to perform which will be taking me through to the 16th June and Ascot week. I know from experience a run like this it can be extremely hard on dresses which is why I need a couple of different out-fits to sustain me through all types of weather and varied venues. I’m looking forward to the Jubilee season very much  and I have a wonderful show planed which will be featuring all the patriotic sing-along favorites.

Last Monday I had the pleasure of working with organist Philip Stopford. I’d been asked to sing for

The Old Rugged Cross!

a funeral at All Saints Church in Leighton Buzzard as family and friends came together to remember Albert Edward Henry Inwards. It was a lovely service which was led by Rev. Canon Grant Fellows. The family had asked me to sing “The Old Rugged Cross” and “We’ll Meet Again”. I’d managed to have a rehearsal with Philip the previous Friday and sometimes it’s best to do these things instinctively.

The family wanted me to sing “We’ll Meet Again” as the coffin was carried out of the church but I felt the music wouldn’t be long enough so I used my backing track which combined “The White

All Set for The Queen’s Jubilee!

Cliffs of Dover” and “We’ll Meet Again” and then Philip continued to play “We’ll Meet Again” on the church organ as I came back in half way through and we repeated the chorus for a second time. This worked perfectly as the church was full and it took at least six minutes for every-one to file out after the service.

Albert had requested years before that he wanted “The Old Rugged Cross” sung at his funeral and I was delighted to oblige. Fortunately I still had my sheet music from when I had sung it once before along with my original notes which included singing the first verse and chorus unaccompanied and then have the organ join me there after. These days I don’t get to do so much ceremonial work  but I always enjoy it when I do especially when I have an organist of Philips calibre to accompany me.

Tomorrow I perform the first of my “We’ll Meet Again” ATS shows with the run up to VE Day on the 8th which will be keeping me busy for the next two weeks.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for now!