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Back from Newark, We’ll Meet Again & Managing Diabetes!

Getting Set Up for My Show at Newark Show Ground!

We’ll Meet Again!

This week I have been on the road predominantly performing 1940s “We’ll Meet Again” ATS shows. Last Friday I was in Newark singing for the Auto Sleepers Rally at The Newark Show Ground. I know the venue well having first performed there in 2011. On this occasion I had been engaged to perform music from the 1940s, 50s, 60s & 70s. Initially this booking should have taken place in 2020 to tie in with the 75 VE Day anniversary but due to the pandemic it was deferred. Perhaps not surprisingly, and after such a long wait I was thrilled to finally be performing my show.

When it comes to an audience who love to dance you can’t really go wrong with Abba, Grease and all those favorites from the 1950s & 60s. It was great to see every-one up on the dance floor as I opened my first set with sing-along gems from the 1940s and came back with Rock and Roll classics from the 1950s, 60s & 70s. I stayed the night at The Lord Nelson Inn in Besthorpe which is just out-side of Newark due to the fact I had another show in town the following day.

The Lord Nelson is a lovely Inn and I always get given a beautiful room when I stay there. It’s a shame I couldn’t have stayed longer but I’m now

The Lord Nelson Inn!

fully booked for May with shows every day. The show ground is next door to the Newark Air Museum which I have performed at a number of times, and this is how I know the Lord Nelson Inn so well. As I had a couple of hours to kill I popped into the museum to see friends and to have a spot of lunch before heading off to my show.

I love to travel and it’s important to be organised especially being a diabetic. Last week I was fitted with a Libra device which is motoring my blood sugars. It’s horrifying to see my blood sugars see saw as they do as I’m constantly fighting nervous energy

Inside The Newark Air Museum!

which pushes my sugar levels down against adrenaline and stress which pushes them up. I’ve always had a good balance but of late things have not been as they should be. I’m working harder than ever, driving , lifting equipment, performing and some clients are even still insisting I wear a mark to sing in which is very restricting and has been effecting my breathing. Tomorrow I’m at the hospital and it will be interesting to go over my results which I confess I’m not looking forward too.  I need to do better but I don’t know how to when I have so much to do and only myself to rely on.

Hits from the Blitz!

This week I’ve had a steady flow of ATS “We’ll Meet Again” shows. It’s VE Day on Sunday and I’m busy right through to the end of the month when it’s all change and Jubilee. I’m off on holiday on the 16th for five days which I’m really looking forward to and in great need of as Paul and I head off to the Cotswolds with Poppy. Before I go I have a “My Fair Lady” show to perform and I’ve been practicing my lines so every-thing will be well rehearsed and slick in my head come the day.

I shall leave my blog here tonight as I need to get to bed.

Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!