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Tempting Delights at Taz Coffee House & Nene Valley Railway!

Tempting Delights!

I’m all set for this weekend as I head off to Earlsdon, Coventry, to perform on Sunday 26th February for Taz Coffee House, a restaurant which specializes in middle eastern cuisine. I shall be performing all day from 11am through to 4pm a wonderful array of vintage songs from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s & more.  Something to really look forward to as I take my fashion inspiration from the 1940s film Casablanca and bring a touch of Vintage Hollywood Glamour to Earlsdon.

The coffee house will be serving a delicious choice of wraps and cakes with a drink for the set price of £14.99. If you would like to make a reservation Tel 024 7674 4963 or Whats App 07444 809006 and it will be delightful to see you.

This week has been rather intense with me trying to tie up a lot of loose ends in the office before the end of February. To be honest it’s been driving me bonkers and next week I’ve decided

Out and About at Nene Valley railway!

to take some time out and leave the office work for a while. I have a couple of clients I need to contract but I’m still waiting to hear what style of shows they will like. I always like to clear my desk before the weekend but on this occasion I’ve decided not to worry and forget about paperwork and concentrate on creating some new shows instead.

I’m booked to do a talk on the 7th March on my “Life Upon the Wicked Stage” which will be documenting my career in show business. I want to make a start on the show plan and sort out

Nene Valley Railway!

a varied musical score which bests illustrates that. I also have a number of new songs I want to learn before I head off on the 6th March to do a little mini  tour along the South coast. I’m opening with a Gala Concert at Danny House and I need to go over a couple of arias before I do so.

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of visiting Nene Valley Railway nere Peterborough and I’m thrilled to announce they have booked me to perform for their Victorian event 25th & 26th March. I shall be perform three shows daily with more information to follow soon so keep watching this space.

Wansford Station!

This week I was working with Peter on a new Christmas flicker book show reel. It features all the shots Harry took of me at The Black Country Living Museum when I performed for their Glad Tidings event in December. It might seem a little out of season to have a festive video now but as a lot of Christmas events get cast in March it’s important to have this video to hand. I wont be launching this video officially until December but for all my regular blog follows you can have a sneak peak first.

Enjoy Watching – Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!