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A Voice in a Million

In Full Romantic Swing & Back From The Poplars!

On Stage at the Poplars Garden Center!

Thank-you to every-one who came to see me perform at The Poplars Garden Center yesterday as I sang for their vintage cream tea “A Valentine Serenade”. I enjoyed singing a few of my new romantic numbers including the Caro Emerald song “A Night Like This”. This song always makes me think of Daniel Craig as James Bond in the film Casino Royale. It’s a little bit dark and dangerous and I rather like that as it contrasts beautifully with Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s “Some Enchanted Evening” and “People Will say We’re in Love”.

I have a pile of new numbers to learn and I’m slowly getting through them as I learn while driving from show to show. I’m still in full swing with Valentines shows. I’ve a lot of plans I want to put into production this year but for the moment I’m juggling ideas and dates. It’s proving a little problematic because I’m waiting on a lot of people to get back to me but as soon as they do I will be able to move forward.

Taking a Break After the Show!

For the moment I have “Tempting Delights” coming up on 26th February at Taz Coffee House 58 Ealesdon Street, Coventry CV5 6EJ.

I’m really looking forward to this event especially as I will be singing 20 minutes on 20 minutes off, vintage music from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s and more all through the day from 11am to 4pm.

If you haven’t been there Taz Coffee House is a fantastic Eastern restaurant serving a wonderful

On Stage In Full Voice!

selection of coffee, cakes and Eastern cuisine.  For “Tempting Delights” the coffee house will be charging a set menu price of 14.99. This will include a delicious choice of wraps and cakes plus the choice of a drink. To book Tel 024 7674 4963 or  Whats App 07744 809006 and it will be delightful to see you.

Later on in the year I will be returning to The Poplars to perform my “Happy and Glorious” show on Monday 15th May to tie in with Kings Coronation. “The Magic of the Musicals” on

Sunday 26th February 2023!

Monday 21st August and “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” on Tuesday 28th November. So I have plenty to look forward too and a whole new set of Christmas songs to learn between now and then. I will have more news on these events closer to the date so keep watching this space.

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