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A Voice in a Million

Swinging with the 60s at North Yorkshire Moors Railway & Modeling the 70s!

Going 60s at Pickering!

Paul Doing His Sound Check!

Hanging Out With The Stones!

Oh what a week! This weekend I’ve been dashing from Summer garden parties in Buckinghamshire to singing the 60s in Yorkshire. Since returning home it’s been full steam ahead with the Summer season which is why I’m a few days late with my blog. It probably wont come as any surprise to learn I have a lot on my plate at the moment and next week I’m booked to do a 1970s photo shoot which requires some thought in it’s preparation.

I confess out of all the historical periods I represent the fashion of the 1970s is my least favorite and I really couldn’t put it off any longer. With all this hot weather the time is now to shoot as it’s just like the summer of 1976. The light is right and the grass is yellow which is perfect photographically for the time. Coming from a fashion background styling isn’t a problem and I can’t tell you how many revolting 70s outfits I’ve tried on in the last few months in my quest for that perfect 70s look.

In-fact yesterday I was in Bletchely and I walked past a charity shop which had this awful psychedelic caftan thing with split puff ball sleeves and a bodice over laid in blue nylon lace. It was horrendous but perfect for the 70s and the hippy trail but I couldn’t bring myself to spend £6 on an item which made me feel physically sick. However tonight I was able to spend some time on styling a few outfits together and I think I’ve found three looks which  work for me – gypsy teamed with floppy hats and John Lennon specks. Hair wise I’m going for something very natural, towel dried and un-styled. As you’ve never seen me before as I usually spend hours in the hair-dresses before a shoot  – so watch this space and I shall keep you posted with my photos as and when.

In My Early 60s Fashions!

This Sunday Paul and I were up at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway performing for the railways 1960s weekend. It was good to be back as I last played there for the stations 1940s event in 2007. I drove up straight after my garden party show on Saturday afternoon and I met Paul at our B&B, The Old Forge at Wilton. It’s always a delight to stay somewhere wonderful and we were given a lovely warm and friendly welcome by our hosts Julie and Phillipa and their dog Maisie. This is one B&B I would thoroughly recommend

I had been booked to perform 2 x 45 minute

Our Hosts Julie & Philippe with Maisie!

1960s sets on the Sunday at Pickering Station and once the organizers had heard that Paul would be joining me they were keen to hear him sing. Paul is a success where ever he goes and we will be returning to Pickering in October to perform for the 1940s War Time Weekend on the 13th 14th October.

On this occasion we had the pleasure of singing the music of the 60s and working with bands “The Sonics” and “The Stones” who were both superb. I particularly enjoyed The Stones. They were all excellent musicians and their Mick Jagger not only looked like Mick Jagger but was extremely

Sound Checking with Mick!

humorous and entertaining to watch.

I wore two different out-fits for my sets the first was early 60s in design with petticoats to tie in my my opening Big Bopper number “Chantilly Lace” and for my second set I went psychedelic which suited my Supremes and Dusty Springfield numbers better. We had Liam Forristal of Startruck Events on sound who did us all proud and a great time was had by all as the sun shone down all day. It was a pleasure to be at Pickering again and to be part of such a well organised event. Nothing was over looked right down to a full length mirror and fresh fruit in the dressing room. who could ask for anything more.

As I said earlier Paul and I will be back at the NYMR in October this year and as we were already contracted to Pickering we will be returning to perform in Italy in April 2019 instead.  I will have more news on that closer to the day.

Enjoying the 60s Nostalgia!

That’s all my news for now other than I have some new videos on there way so keep watching this space and I shall keep you posted. If you follow me on Facebook I hope you all caught Patrick’s footage of me in Arromanches singing the Jersey Boys number “Oh What a Night”

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On Stage with Sound Engineer Liam!