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A Voice in a Million

Stompin’ in Derby, East Ham and Shooting at Shuttleworth!

Meeting Up with my Friend Buzz!
On Stage at The Rolls Royce Club!
On the road again with the lovely Kim!

What a great night we all had last night in Derby at The Rolls Royce Club. Janet had done a wonderful job of selling tickets and the club was full with over 230 tickets sold. I was booked to do my 1940s show in two sets one ATS and one Glamour and I really enjoyed seeing every-one up and dancing. On this occasion I made a point of including lots of dance music as Janet had told me she had sold lots of tickets to dancers. So where I would normally do more of a sing-along set with my ATS show I made sure I included lots of songs every-one could dance to with the favourite being the barn dance. You can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned waltz so I also included “Hands Knees and Boomps a Daisy” which I may well make my theme tune – I do love it and it’s so very me!
It was great to meet up with so many friends including a very smart RAF officer who I know as Buzz. So lovely to see you there Buzz and I’m so pleased you enjoyed the night. Catch up with you soon!
So a big thank you to Janet for organising the evening and to every-one at Rolls Royce. I was lucky enough to have my friend Kim with me who I had employed as my sound engineer. It was lovely to work with you again and thank-you ever-so for doing my hair.
Kim is a very talented sound engineer with special skills – who could ask for anything more! xx
Before we started work Kim and I stopped for dinner at The Blue Jay which is just a stones throw away from the club and we had a lovely meal including a very large slice of carrot cake between us. We both felt that because the cake was made from carrots it was the healthy option. After the show Kim drove home and neither of us had any trouble at all seeing in the dark! The only annoying thing was I forgot to pack my super hold you in knickers and after cake it was a bit of a drat moment. Still the show must go on even with-out my wonder knickers!
Today I have been working out down the gym and sorting out clothes for my photo shoot a Shuttleworth.
On Sunday they are having a flying day and I’m looking to do a 1920s 30s photo shoot with some of the vintage vichels so I’m looking forward to working with photographer Dave Jackson again. I also hope to get some shots of me in my American 1940s WAC uniform so lets hope the weather is good.
Tomorrow I’m performing in East Ham at The Well Community Centre and Saturday I’m helping my brother with his honey stall at the local horticultural show. My brother is a bee keeper and he has been keeping  bees for years so it will be lovely to go to the show again.
As you can see I have a very busy few days a head so I may well not blog again until Monday. In the mean time enjoy my photos on Facebook Keep Watching and thanks for following
Toodle Pip!