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Behind the Scenes and in Front of the Camera!

Me at Shuttleworth!

 This weekend I have been worthing with photographer Dave Jackson of Reto Air photography at Shuttleworth  museum photographing some of my 1920s and 30s costumes. I was given special permission and  access to the museums collection so it was a wonderful opportunity I couldn’t let slip. A week ago I was lucky enough to be photographed by Angela Adams at Earsham Hall in some of my 1920s and 30s evening gowns and Sundays shoot was all about day dresses and cars. I’ve been really blessed in finding such talented photographers and together we should have some fantastic shots for my web-site and new 1920s 30s page.

Me with Shuttleworth’s MG TA

I’ve included a few of my behind the scenes shots from my little camera for my blog tonight but when it comes to seeing the real shots I’m afraid you will have to wait. Angela has just posted up one of my photos from Earsham Hall on my Facebook page and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest as and when.

Me with the Americans Paul and Mike

Apart from the 1920s and 30s I was also keen to get some shots of me in my American WAC uniform. I shall be launching another 1940s show very soon called “GI Jive” which will give bookers another choice and take my number of 1940s costume shows available up to 11. But as with anything – I like to make sure things are just right. When I was at the Odyssey show in Kent last week I was talking with some American WW2 re-anacters and asking their advice about insignia and where to sew the Shafe badge. So after taking a few photos I went away and sewed my badge on cross hatching it and if you want to see the result check out the photos on my facebook page.
I’m really looking forward to seeing Daves shots from Sunday as I was able to invite along my two friends Paul and Mike who when it comes to doing American really look the part. Mike was able to bring along his Jeep and I’m sure we will have some fantastic shots so can’t wait to see them.
September is going to be another busy month with shows nearly every-day and some high profile ones too. I’ve shows all this week and next Saturday I shall be performing my Cobbles to Rock show A 100 year of music and costume to celebrate the Conservatives Clubs centenary so a very busy time a head.
I must get to bed now as I feel very tied.
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