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Stars & Stripes to Singing the 60s for the Leighton Buzzard Carnival!

Going 60s for the Leighton Buzzard Carnival!

This week I’ve been working flat out to make all my dead lines. I have a pile of music to learn not to mention songs I need to revise. The problem with knowing a 1000 songs all at once is maintaining the knowledge. It’s easy to forget lyrics if I’ve not sung them in a while. These last couple of weeks I’ve been putting together new shows for clients which have involved The Beatles, travelling the world and going through my back catalogue.

There are never enough hours in the day and for my around the world show I literally learn’t “Tulips from Amsterdam” in the van on the way over although I never made it as far as “Istanbul not Constantinople” so I will have to leave that

Dressed in My Stars and Stripes Costume!

song for another time. Fortunately I had Aladin which ticked the Eastern Arabian night box  and when it comes to Italy experience has taught me you can’t really go wrong with Pucini!

This Saturday is the Leighton Buzzard carnival and the theme is the 1960s  so I’m going over my repertoire and learning new numbers quickly. Paul and Poppy are coming up from Portsmouth to join me and Paul will be singing the best of Sinatra which will make for a wonderful musical contrast. We are appearing on the Dogs for Good  charity float and Paul and I have a lot of time to fill. We will be singing from 10.30am through to 3pm with a couple of breaks in between so it’s important to keep the music turning over and not to be repetitive for the walkers who will be walking along side the float.

On Sunday I’m back over to Kettering to perform for a Garden Party songs from the 1950s, 60s & 70s although we have quite a bit of competition as I found out this morning England are through to the final of the world cup so I expect a lot of people will be watching the match. I must have been the only person in the country who didn’t watch the football yesterday or even knew England were playing. Instead I was programming my songs for Saturday’s Carnival and typing up my play lists. It’s the most boring job in the world but it has to be done as the devil is in the detail. When you have over 90 songs listed in a show it’s important to know where every-one is so numbers can be found quickly if it becomes necessary to change direction.

Getting Ready for the Carnival! 

Last weekends shows went well as I performed a number of “Stars and Stripes” shows to tie in with the 4th July. I’m now fully booked for the month of July with a few days which I have filled with seeing my accountant and being back in the recording studio. I have a couple of numbers in production including Vera Lynn’s “Be like the Kettle and Sing” and “By My Self” which I plan to sing for the first time at  Bletchley Park on the 31st July. It’s taken me 24 years to get the booking and although this show will probably be a one off I’m looking forward to it very much. For booking details please click the link below :-

I shall leave my blog here tonight as I need to prepare for the weekend and sort out my costumes. I’m not quite sure what the weather will do so I need to have every avenue covered.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉