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St Georges Day and All Change!

Dressed for the Patriotic Season!

I’m afraid I haven’t got too long tonight as I need to get to bed and catch up on some beauty sleep. It’s been a busy and varied seven days with me performing different shows every-day of the week. I just have one more “Song for Spring/Easter Bonnet”  show to perform and then it’s straight into Coronation “Happy and Glorious” performances.

I’ve had a real mix bag this week with my WW1 show “Pack up Your Troubles”when I was asked to perform a special show for the residence at Bramley Court, three “Song for Spring” and the start of Pearly Queen shows to tie in with St Georges Day this Sunday. I’m fully booked through to the 20th May and this Sunday I hope to be back in the recording studio straight after my St Georges Day show picking up my new “British Themes” arrangement in time for the Coronation.

“Pack Up Your Troubles” for the Residence at Bramley Court!

I first commissioned my British themes backing track back in 2000 but over the years, and with the improvements in musical sounds I thought it was time for a refresh and what better time than for the Kings coronation. This medley will also be making up a mayor part of my Bletchley Park concert on the 12th August.

I’m thrilled to be performing at the Leighton Buzzard May Day Fair on the 1st May and I’ve been booked to perform 2 x 35 minute slots at 9.45am and 1.25pm with the fly past taking part at 2.07 pm. This year I’ve been asked to perform 1950s, 60s & 70s for my 2nd set but I will

Dressed and Ready for St Georges Day at Devon Lodge!

be opening with some post modern juke box songs so I’ve been extremely busy learning new numbers in preparation for my show on the 1st.

I’m also currently learning a post modern take on “Wuthering Heights” and “I will Survive”. Sometimes the simplest of songs can take the longest to learn and the one that has been driving me bonkers and has taken far longer than it should have done is Elvis Presley’s “Burning Love”. Not difficult at all but for some reason I keep getting in a muddle with the 3rd verse and the line “It’s hard to breath and my chest is a-heaving”. What’s difficult about that? For some

The Table Beautifully Set for St Georges Day!

reason I keep singing it back to front so I will keep at it and hopefully by tomorrow I will have everything masted and back on track.

This week I have been engaged to sing for a Wake and the theme is the 1970s plus I’ve been asked to include some numbers from the 1940s and the hymn “I Vow to thee my Country”. The client has also requested the Wham song “Wake me Up Before you Go Go” and some Elton John so I have a lot of learning to do between now and the wake.

That’s all my news for now and I shall leave you with a few of my show photos this week. Happy St Georges Day!

Toodle Pip and By for Now!