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Singing for the Royal British Legion and WW1

Today I have been out and about singing for The Women’s Section of The Royal British Legion for Buckinghamshire’s Annual Conference in Quainton. I sang at their conference 2 years ago and this is where I met my friend Kim for the first time. Kim often works with me as my sound engineer but today she was doing her thing for the RBL as standard bearer – and very good she is at it too. Well done Kim you were excellent. There is a lot of skill needed for standard bearer and the way you made it through the door was most impressive! Had that have been me I would have sceward the door frame!
Today I was booked to do my American glamour Swing Show although I did bend the rules a bit and finished my set with Land of Hope and Glory. You can’t really go wrong with that one when you are entertaining a Royal British Legion and I was pleased I had bent the rules. Listening to the various reports there was a lot of talk and interest in next years Centenary for WW1. I’ve already sold 9 WW1 shows for 2014 and I’m pleased to say I seem to be bang on trend. I’m investing quite heavily into the music of this period for next year and some of the songs I’ve chosen are fantastic so I’m looking forward to performing them very much. It does make a change from the 40s and I’m so lucky I’m able to have all my music tailor made to my own arrangements. It means anything is possible! It can be quite exciting going through old sheet music note bashing away until you find that forgotten gem – putting it into production and then – hey presto – performing it! I think 2014 is going to be an exciting year with lots of new opportunities.
This weekend I will be working with singer and Ukulele player Lynda Styan at Worlds End nr Denmead. I’ve never been to Worlds End before only it sounds like the sort of place you find in a Pirate film but I expect it’s charming.
Well that’s about all my news for now Keep Watching and thanks for following!
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