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From Worlds End to Winchester and All Set for Christmas!

Me with Lynda Styan!

Hello every-one it’s been another busy weekend with me working Saturday night with the lovely ukulele player and singer Lynda Styan at The Chairmakers Arms at Worlds End nr Denmead. To be honest I had no idea that such a place as Worlds End existed – but it really does!
Linda and I were booked to do a 1930s and 40s night and what a great evening it turned out to be too. We were asked to fill an evening with 1930s and 40s entertainment from 8pm through to 11pm so Lynda and I both did an hour set each and then we came back and did the finale together and finished with lots of flag waving as we sang The White Cliffs of Dover and Land of Hope and Glory. It was the first time I had had the pleasure of working with Lynda and we hit it off very well. We both take great care in our presentation and like me Lynda is a soprano who has had a simlar singing training to myself so our voices sound good together.

Winchester’s Market Cross

Thank-you for inviting me to join you Lynda it was lovely to work with you and here’s to the next one! xx
I usually like to stay over so on Sunday I made the point of visiting Winchester as it isn’t that far away from Worlds End. The only problem was it was the start of Winchester’s Christmas market so by the time I arrived I couldn’t get a parking space for love nor money so rather miffed I drove off to the village of Alresford and decided to have lunch at The Bell.
As it turned out that was the best thing I could have done as The Bell do a fantastic menu and I was really ready for my lunch. However not one to be defeated I decided to brave Winchester again and by about 4pm much of the traffic had gone as I particularly wanted to see the Cathedral. In the centre of Winchester they have a market cross which isn’t that dissimilar to the one we have in Leighton Buzzard so I had to take a picture

Me Out and About in Alresford!

Sadly many of the photos I took inside the Cathedral didn’t come out as it was dusk and getting very dark but what was magical was the singing. They had a group performing Taize’ music which is a region in France and includes many chants which are sung in four part harmonies. Walking around the cathedral it was wonderful to hear and really made my visit!
I have a very busy week ahead of me as I’m away tomorrow and depending on how things go I may not be back until the 30th. Then it’s straight into Christmas shows on the 1st and I’m fully booked right through until the 31st so busy busy.
Today I have been with my web-designer Rachel and tomorrow Rachel hopes to get my new Articles page up on my web-site, so do look out for that. I shall be away but I’m looking forward to seeing it when I get back. We shall also be launching my new Christmas video on the 1st so keep watching and I shall keep you posted!
I’m also pleased to announce I will be returning to Normandy for D-Day next year for the 70th anniversary and this time I will be singing for the American end in Ste Marie du Mont. My new GI Jive show has proved to be very popular but more about that in the new year. In the mean time it’s late and I must get to bed as I’m up and out early in the morning.
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