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A Voice in a Million

Back from the Studio and all Set to Film Putting on the Ritz!

Fiona Harrison Putting on the Ritz

Stepping Out in my Top Hat and Tails!

Hello every-one I’m sorry to say I will only have time to write one blog this week due to the fact I’m out performing “Happy and Glorious” shows much of this week to tie in with the second wave of the Queens 90th Birthday celebrations. It’s important I set some rehearsal time aside. I need to go over my songs in preparation for Sundays film shoot and I still have quite a few costumes to sort out in between times. This evening I had an appointment with Judi my dressmaker as I had a few last-minute alterations which needed to be done in preparation for Sunday shoot. One of my gowns I’ve not worn for 23 years so it’s lovely to see it again after all this time. It’s a black and white satin dress I designed for a show I did back in 1991 and I will be wearing it for “Putting on the Ritz”. On this occasion I have commissioned film maker David Pustansky to capture my songs from my 1920s and 30s repertoire so I’m looking forward to stepping out in costume and recording some of my favourites.

Fiona Harrison in the Recording Studio!

Behind the Scenes in the Recording Studio!

The 1920s and 30s is one of my favourite periods in musical history and on Monday I spent most of the day in the recording studio with Richard laying down my tracks. I’m particularly looking forward to filming “If I had a Talking Picture of You” a wonderful Charleston tune from the 20s and “Lets Do It” which is Cole Porter at his best.

On that note I must leave it here tonight as I need to get on with prepping my costumes making shure everything is spit spot for Sunday. I wont have the chance to blog again this week but I will catch up with you next week when I will be getting ready to record some of my 1960s dresses.

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!