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From Quainton to A Victorian Nutcracker of a Christmas!

Kim and I with Father Christmas!

Kim and I with Father Christmas!

I’m afraid once again I wont have too much time tonight to write my blog as I’m busy doing show plans and getting myself ship shape for the Christmas season. I still have my cards to do and one or two more presents to wrap although I was able to get quite a few away today as I braved the post office. I now have shows everyday for the rest of the month so I may not be able to do two blogs a week but I shall certainly keep you posted with one at least and through my facebook pages.

Saturdays show went well at Quainton Village Hall as I worked with my good friend and most glamorous sound engineer in the business Kim. For this show I was asked to mix in plenty of bright tunes from the 40s, 50s, 60s and I even included some Opera and Abba which went down really well with the audience as they came in as special requests.

All Set for a Victorian Christmas!

All Set for a Victorian Christmas!

Most of my work at this time of year revolves around private parties although if you happen to be in the town of Aylesbury on Sunday 11th you can catch me on stage performing for the council “A Victorian Nutcracker Christmas”. I’ve just been finishing off my show plans tonight and I will be performing 4 x 30 minute shows daily at 11.15am, 12.45pm, 2.15pm and at 3.30pm. So see you there in Friars Square, although reading through my notes I may well be working both stages, that’s Fiars and Market Square combined. I shall let you know more about that in due course.

I shall leave my blog here tonight and no doubt catch up with you all next week. Do keep watching my Facebook pages as I post out-fit of the week and Video of the Week too.

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip! 😉