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A Voice in a Million

Performing at The Great Northern Pub, Derby and onto Althorp!

On Stage & In Full Swing!

Paul Helping With Setting Up For the Party!

The Summer season is in full swing and it’s wonderful to come back from a weekend where everything run perfectly to plan. For anyone who knows anything about show business it doesn’t always go as blissfully as that. So often you can get traffic problems or a delay but last weekend went beautifully. The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful audience to play to Saturday night.

Paul and I had been engaged to sing  for a private retirement party in Derby which was taking place at The Great Northern Pub. A fabulous location with a super function room we had been booked to sing 2 x 45/60 minute sets, music from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s. A great choice for any party gathering as the 40s to 70s has something for every-one. Paul and I very quickly got the party swinging as we rocked the night away, while we got all the guests dancing to the Andrew Sisters, Frank Sinatra, Bill Haley, The Supremes, Abba and much more.

Later that night we stayed over at the pub which has three wonderful hotel rooms. Our initial plan had been to travel  up to Manchester. Paul and I

Enjoying Althorp!

had been booked to play a Sunday Big Band and Swing show in Sale Moor but due to an emergency refurbishment our show had been rescheduled to November when the venue would re-open again for events.

Having a day off we planed to visit the Althorp estate which worked in perfectly with our travel plans. I’m sure many of you reading this blog will know Althorp was the family home to Princess Diana and is situated in the county of Northampton. I don’t know why but until Sunday I had never visited Althorp which is extraordinary

Paul and I Out-Side Althorp!

when it’s only just over an hours drive away from my home in Bedfordshire.

The estate is only open for two months of the year and has a fabulous collection of paintings and furniture. The Althorp web-site doesn’t really show the interiors which is a shame as they are beautiful. However perhaps that might not be a bad thing as it left space for surprise and I was delighted with what I discovered, especially Charles Spencer’s art collection. It’s hardly surprising that Diana grew up with a love of fashion as many of the portraits, feature beautiful

Paul by Diana’s Memorial!

and predominate woman all exquisitely dressed. Every wall has a feast to behold painted by some of the greatest masters which include, Rubens, Van Dyck, Gainsborough and Poussin.

I’m only sorry I wasn’t able to take pictures so I could share some of these lovely paintings with you all, but like a lot of stately homes you are not allowed to take photographs inside the house. I was particularly taken by the long picture gallery which has all it’s painting displayed in fine scalloped frames and displayed an incredible collection of 17th century beauties.

Enjoying the Gardens!

Taking pictures in the garden however isn’t a problem as Paul and I visited the lake and the Diana memorial. We also enjoyed lunch in the tea room and Althorps beautiful grounds.

This week its Summer shows all the way with more private parties at the weekend. The trend for this summer is all about the 60s and 70s and next week I shall be performing in Birmingham at the famous Bournville Village with my 20th Century show.

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