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Part Two – New Year, Peaky Blinders and on into 2018!

Dressed for New Year!

Paul Enjoying Tea at the Hilton!

Welcome back to part two of my blog as I tell you more about my New Year in Arundel. When it comes to the entertainment business New Year is usually a time for bands and DJs so it rather a treat for Paul and I to have the night off and be entertained ourselves rather than be the ones doing the entertaining! As I had been working and staying with Paul just along the coast line, Arundel makes for a pleasant run out as it isn’t too far to travel.

Paul had booked for us to stay at the Hilton Hotel and to have high tea on our arrival. At 3.30pm we sat down to a delightful selection of finger sandwiches, cakes and scones which was just enough to keep us going before the evenings entertainment. I’m so pleased that this year we didn’t have to leave the hotel as the heavens opened and it didn’t stop raining all day and night. It was still raining heavenly on the 1st January.

It’s always difficult to know what will be the right thing to wear for New Year as I have so many evening gowns and I often want a dress I can dance in. This year we didn’t have to worry about travelling to the venue and walking outside so

Party Time!

Oh What a Beauty!

Happy New Year!

I was able to wear my lovely evening shoes all night with-out the worry of changing them. There’s nothing worst than wet evening shoes and a wet hem to your gown!

This year I choose one of my purple evening dresses and I asked Judi my dress maker to make a few alterations. A few extra sparkles in the right places and to open up the back making it a mayor feature of the gown. Some of you will recognise the dress as it’s the one I wore for my Nessun Dorma video. I choose this gown as the skirt has a side split which is ideal for dancing  and the fabric doesn’t crease. I also knew I had a wrap from another dress which would match perfectly. This can often prove essential when sitting down for dinner as one never knows just how warm a room can be especially on New Years eve. As it transpires all was well and the room was warm. Paul and I had a wonderful evening as we danced the night away to the Little Big Band and saw in the New Year in with fireworks!

So Happy New Year Every-one and here’s to a great 2018!

I’m back home now and as you might expect I’ve been busy catching up with my e-mails and contracts mapping the year. 2018 is selling well, far better than 17 did at this, the same point last year which gives me confidence. It’s interesting picking up on the trends and understanding what people might be looking for for 2018. I’m keen to extend my 1970s repertoire which seems to be hitting the mark along with my Rock and Roll 50s & 60s shows. I want to invest in some new musical arrangements for 18 and I have lots of ideas I’m just dying to put into production and make happen.

Paul Dressed for New Year’s Eve!

I predicted a year or two ago that the 1920s would be a trend to look out for and coupled with the popular TV series “Peaky Blinders”  it seems I’ve been right.  It’s gritty, dirty, working class and so easy to do. So it’s hardly surprising that board 1940s re-anacters are now choosing to put on their flat caps, waist coats and want to play at being Birmingham gangsters! So for any event organizers out there who might be reading this – Now is the time to try something new!  Ditch the 1940s as the public are board with it and run a 1920s Peaky Blinders come Gatsby weekend instead. Musically it’s old but new as Music Hall meets the Jazz age or if that’s not to your fancy  try the 1950s and 60s and watch your gates improve as enthusiasm for vintage weekends is re-born and restored!

I love both these eras and I hope very much that I will have the opportunity to perform at events which cover these themes

Doing the 1920s!

in 2018. Oddly enough next week I have a 1920s show to do on Tuesday and two 1950s and 60s shows on Wednesday and Thursday so on ward and upwards as they say. I’m already booked in to perform for a couple of 1940s events this year along with a new Victorian event which will give me some musical variety.

That’s all my news for now. I’m back in the gym first thing tomorrow morning and I’m looking forward very much to my work-out.

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!