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The Office, Vintage Fashion & Off to London!

Dresses at Hammersmith Vintage Fashion Fair!

Dresses at Hammersmith’s Vintage Fashion Fair!

For those of you who caught my last blog will know I was in the office all last week catching up with paper work so come Sunday I was keen to give myself a day off, and made my way to London and Hammersmith’s Vintage Fair fair. It probably wont come as any surprise to learn Vintage Fashion is my one weakness and there is nothing I enjoy more than looking at vintage clothes. Hammersmith is a favourite haunt of mine and every month they hold the fair at the town hall. I’ve been so busy this past year that I think it must have been a year since I was last there which is probably just as well as I can’t resist buying clothes of yester-year. I had a little shopping list which included a new pair of long black gloves which I was able to pick up and a red belt buckle. I saw quite a few buckles but not quite what I was looking for so I will continue with the hunt. Bargin of the day was a peach satin 1940s dressing gown which I was able to pick up for a real steal. I plan to use this in a photo shoot later this year – but I shall tell you more about that nearer the time when I have all the outfits selected!

Today I have been out and about working in Harrow at the Middlesex New Synagogue singing the music of the 1950s and 60s.  I also met up with my good friend Lynda for tea afterwards and boy didn’t we have a good girly

Me Shopping for Vintage Fashion at Hammersmith Town Hall!

Me Shopping for Vintage Fashion at Hammersmith Town Hall!

natter! Tomorrow I will be in Milton Keynes performing in cabaret a mixed bag of music and then I’m off on Friday for my accounts weekend. I do this every year. I book myself into a Premier Inn and I work solely on my accounts. I love the peace and quiet  and it allows me to have a break from the distractions of home. I also enjoy a change of scene and run every morning as exercise is very important to me.

Don’t forget to check my Facebook page tomorrow when I post up “Out – fit of the Week”. We may be going a bit Prudie Jones although after all the interest I generated about that 1940s purple satin swim suit I tried on at Hammersmith on Sunday perhaps I should do swim wear instead. We will have to see!

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!