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Looking ones Best, The Flying Proms and Going Pearly Queen!

Today I have been getting ready for the weekend and it’s going to be a very busy Saturday. I’ve spent most of today in the hair dresses in prep and thank-you to Joe who came round this morning and gave me a helping hand in polishing my brasses and shoes. I often find there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything myself and I do enjoy polishing my brasses but uniforms don’t prep them selves so thank-you Joe for your help.
Tomorrow afternoon I will be in Milton Keynes performing my Pearly Queen show before heading off to Shuttleworth for the Flying Proms in the evening. I have 2 x 30mins sets to do one WAAF and one 1940s 50s glamour and I believe they are expecting about 3000 people. It’s one of those dos where you bring a pic nick and in true British fashion it looks like it might rain so bring your umbrella as well! That’s the wonderful thing about being British when we decide to go to an out door concert it makes no difference at all what the weather does. I’ve done it myself sat out in the rain picnicking to Handle’s Water Music – there’s a joke there! Tomorrow it will be the National Symphony Orchestra doing all the Prom Classics while planes fly over head and a Firework finale so I’m looking forward to taking part very much. Do check out their web-site for details
Sunday I shall be heading off to the Ramsey 1940s event in Cambridgeshire to do some shopping. So often when I am working at these events I don’t get a proper chance to look at the stalls and shop. There is a hat I am particularly interested in which I spotted back in January. Next week I’m booked to do a 1920s 30s photo shoot at Earsham Hall  in Suffolk. So I’ve been sorting out all my outfits and I know this hat will be perfect. Well I still have a few jobs to sort out for tomorrow so I shall sign off now. Thank-you for following and Toodle Pip for Now!