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A Voice in a Million

From Shuttleworth to Ramsey and Off to Earsham Hall!

Me sound checking at Shuttleworth!

Hello one and all it’s been another action packed weekend with the Flying Proms and all and what a great night that turned out to be too. I was singing at Shuttleworth and I’m pleased to say the rain kept off although lots of picnickers did have there umbrellas to hand just in case. It was lovely to see my friend Gail and to hear the National Symphony Orchestra play. They included a few of my favourites – Nimrod, The Dambuster’s March and Rule Britannia. Although my favourite piece of the whole concert was Dvorak’s  “Song to the Moon” which was beautifully sung by their soprano who’s real name was also Fiona. A popular name for a soprano it would seem! Song to the Moon is one of my favourite arias and it’s one of those arias I never quite got around to learning but I now feel I really ought to as I do love it.

Ready for my Glamour Set at Shuttleworth!

I really enjoyed taking part in the Proms as they had planes flying over head to the music and afterwards they had all the pilots on stage as they played the Theme from Top Gun. It kind of set me thinking we could do with a British composer to write a rousing piece of music called The Squadron or something like that rather than always relying on the Americans. So maybe one day! I myself sung from the 1940s and 50s my first set being a WAAF singalong followed by a glamour set. I did a real mix bag from The Andrews Sisters to Rodgers and Hammerstein and I even included some Rock and Roll. By this part of the evening everyone had finished their picnics and had come to the front of the stage – it was wonderful to see everyone up and dancing. I even got an encore – and the atnospire was electric. So thank-you to David for inviting me and to sound engineers Russell and John. I don’t think John quite knew what had hit him -I can be such a terror! Bless you John for being such a good sport! xx

Me at Ramsey with Jubilee Caravans!

Meeting up with Paul Casper!

Sunday I took some time out to visit the Ramsey 1940s show and I was thrilled to bump into my friend Paul Casper who is the most wonderful George Formby so we enjoyed having a cup of off ration tea together. I myself was there to do a bit of shopping as I’m booked to do a 1920s 30s photo shoot this week. I had my eye on a particular hat but when it came to trying it on it didn’t suit at all. In fact it made me look like the awful mother in law and at least 120 years old. However I found something else which was just perfect from Vintage and Revival plus another beautiful hand made hat by Cindy Henry which will go with one of my suits perfectly. While I was at the show I rather fell in love with this beautiful car and Vintage Caravan. The Caravan was made by Ken and he makes them to order check out their web-site It was so lovely to meet you Ken and Simon too and I hope you get lots of orders.
Tomorrow I’m off bright and early to the hair dresses in prep for Wednesdays photo shoot. I shall be shooting this week in Suffolk at Earsham Hall which is a stately home in the village of Bungay. I’ve been busy sorting out my 1920s 30s dresses and I’m working with a very talented photographer called Angela Adams check out her web-site I shall be away for a few days coming back on the 22nd as I have a tea dance to do in Saffron Walden on the way back so busy busy.
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