Hello one and all and welcome to my news page. Here you can see me as my two alter egos the ever efficient secretary Prudie Jones, Evette the Spivette and plain old little me as you catch up with all that is current in my world. Regrettably unlike Prudie my spelling is quite frightful at the best of times due to my dyslexia so I shall apologise now for anything which might be shamefully mis-spelt. In the mean time I hope you find this page fun, entertaining and informative and become a regular visitor to my site.

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Lights, Camera, Action & My New Look!

Fiona Harrison

Lights, Camera, Action!

As ever I’m between shows trying to get everything done before morning as I have a very full day tomorrow with three Christmas shows back to back! Two shows Saturday and then I’m down in London on Sunday so it’s a very busy time. I’m trilled to announce my new Video and Show Reel page is now up and running on my web-site which will make my videos so much easier to watch as they are now in one place. You can still access them from the same place by clicking the You Tube button in the top left hand corner of this screen but hopefully the lay out is more pleasing on the eye and works better with my web-site. So do please take a look after you have read this blog and I hope you like the new design. There are two pages of Videos and when you click onto the video of your choice it plays in the large screen – so have a go and check it out!

Rachel and I have been working together on my web-site giving it something of a new look with a refreshed Art Deco back drop. If you are at home on your PC and have a larger screen then you have probably already seen it – but as yet we are still having a few teething troubles with ipad and smaller sizes but all will be fixed and up and running very soon. That’s the thing with a mobile web-site it’s very fluid and there is so much more you have to think of and sort out! In the new year I will be launching my Schools page which I’m just finishing off with Rachel now and then I’m planning a media page. Most modern web sites  have a Media page but I want to do something different and try out some of my ideas so watch this space!

That’s all my news for now as I’m out and about every-day being Christmasy at the mo. I had a dress fitting  with Judi my dress-maker tonight as I’m planning on looking a little more Marylin Monroeish for a few of my shows this December!

Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!