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Planning Ahead & Lets All Go to The Music Hall At Ollie Vees!

Fiona Harrison in Music Hall

Off to the Music Hall!

Hello every-one, once again I’m busy chasing my tail trying to get everything ready for tomorrows show at Ollie Vees when I will be stepping out in my Top hat and tails and Edwardian gown, taking my audience back to the days of Music Hall. Tickets are priced at £10 and doors open at 8pm. I will be presenting one of my Music Hall CDs in the interval to the best dressed Victorian, Edwardian person although dressing up is optional. Check out the poster for more details although I’m thrilled to say we made the local paper this week which is always wonderful! If you would like tickets please call Ollie Vees on 01525 851726 to reserve your seat although there may well be a few available on the door if you are quick.

I’m sorry I wont be able to blog for too long tonight only I’m having to think ahead. I’m off to Tilbury on Wednesday with Kim who is working with me as my sound engineer. I’ve been booked to perform my “From Cobbles to Rock” show A 100

Fiona Harrison in the Good Old Days

See You There!

years of Music and Costume from 1900 – 2000 at The Ellis Theatre and I confess I need to go over a few of my songs. There are a couple of numbers I’m still doing a bit of an Eric Morecambe on that is to say, singing all the right words but not nessaseraly in the right order. So I must get everything right before Wednesday. Some of these numbers I’ve not sung in a while so I need a bit of a re fresh. This show has 11 costume changes which I often have to do in the space of less than 20 seconds so it requires a lot of preparation. I’ve sorted most of the costumes but once again I still have a few more to pack and check over before Wednesday.

On Monday I start the first of my Queens 90th Birthday shows although the client has requested a slight variation and asked me to bring in the music of the 1940s and 50s too. As soon as I get back from Tilbury on Thursday I’m straight off to Marlow for the first of my “Happy and Glorious”

Fiona Harrison in the paper

In the Leighton Buzzard Observer!

Shows before a weekend of Pearly Queen performances to tie in St Georges weekend. I find St Georges Day is always one of the first dates to sell along with Halloween and then before we know it we will be into May.

Many thanks for all your comments about my new 1950s and 60s show reel. I’m so pleased you’ve been enjoying it. I start filming again on the 15th May and I’m back in the recording studio on the 9th. This Sunday I hope to make it along to Hammersmith and the Vintage Fashion Fair at the Town Hall. There are one or two items I would like before I start filming on the 15th which will finish off a couple of my outfits. This time I shall be capturing the music of Music Hall and the 1920s and 30s  so much to plan for. If you haven’t seen my 1950s and 60s showreel yet just click on the follow Fiona tab on the right hand side of the screen and click the You Tube button. It’s the first video you come to.

Gosh I must dash as I still have quite a few jobs to do before bed.

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip! 😉