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James Bond, the future and The Paradise!

I’ve just got back from spending the afternoon at the cinama watching the new James Bond and I have to say I feel rather excited by the future. A rather unsal statment from someone who spends so much of their time recreating the past – but have you ever had that feeling when you know something exstorinary is about to happen but you don’t quite know what? But you know it’s going to be something amazing. I’ve never felt so creative as I do now and idears seem to be flowing from me like water. In many ways I feel like Denis from that wonderful TV program The Paradise. My mind spins off and I think of everything from dress designs to shows and musical arangements – sometimes I feel like my head will exsplode!
Ofcourse it’s probably all nonsese but I know we are on the verge of change. These last few weeks and infact for the year I’ve noticed a restlessness from people involed in the heritage circit. The 1940s has lost it’s sparkle and so many re-anacters are looking for something new. I’ve been investigating new trends and I have a feeling that the one beat drums are likly to get swept away with the end of season.
The new Bond film is so on trend. I thought it rather clever the way they combined old with new so all the peices from the old Bond films fell into place compleating the puzzel. The new young Q perfectly cast with his understanding of the modern computer world and yet we still had the classic Astin Martin. Such a shame it had to blow up but then that’s Bond! By the end of the film we were back in the old office we remembered from the old Bond films with things having turned full circal.
If the Heritage circit is to servive just like Bond it needs to reconise change. The future lies in what is popular and current and yet still embrace the past. We are comming up to the the 100th aniversary of WW1 but that in it’s self is a little somber and depressing. So if it was down to me I would combine that with Downton Abbey weekends pushing the event through to the 1920s too. It would bring in more musical styles and joy – which is so important to an event if it is to work.  Ofcourse you could just do the 1920s and 30s and call it the Art Decco weekend which could be very glamorous! Quite a few railways have dropped the 40s in faver of  the 60s which might be a smart move. The 1960s has much to offer and often stations have more trains from this period. So lets see what the future brings I’m looking forward to embracing it. Let me know what you think as change is on it’s way mark my words! Toodle Pip and thanks for following!