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A Voice in a Million

In a Bit of a Dash to The Battle of Britain Doo!

Hello every-one I’m in a bit of a dash to get everything ready this week for The Battle of Britain Show I’m booked to sing at RAF Chicksands on Thursday, my “From Cobbles to Rock” theatre show on Saturday and The Houghton Regis Vintage Car Show on Sunday. I think I have most of it sorted but it’s all those last little bits I mustn’t forget like where did I put my silver T-Strap sandals? Oh and while I think about it don’t forget your Pink Buddy Holly Umbrella for The Raining in My Heart number for Cobbles to Rock!
Tomorrow I’m booked to do 2 shows in Nuneaton and then I’m meeting up with my friend Amy for Dinner so much to do. I’ve shows Friday  and between Chicksands so not much time to write tonight I’m afraid.
Don’t forget you can see me on Sunday at Houghton Regis for the Vintage Car Show. The event is free and I shall be performing 3 x 45 min shows daily I shall be on at 11/11.30pm ATS “We’ll Meet Again” 1/1.30pm American Glamour and then back on at 3pm for a 1950s and 60s show. I just need to check the times on my first two shows as I can’t remember if they are on the hour or half.
Sorry must dash it’s gone 1am and I must get to bed. Thanks for following and Toodle Pip!