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Chicksands, From Cobbles to Rock and Vintage Cars!

Me as a WW2 Plotter!

I’m just back from performing for the Officers Mess’s Battle of Britain dinner at Chicksands not far from Shefford. It was my first time to Chicksands and the Offices Mess was once a Priory dating back to the late 12 century. I love history and the Chicksands Priory is a Grade 1 listed building with some wonderful Gothic architecture. The Chicksands Priory was founded for the Gibertines in 1154 and the Gilbertines were the only monastic order created in Britain and confined to Britain. In 1939 it became a Royal Air Force Signals Station and in 1941 it served as a communications centre and as an intercept facility for Bletchley Park. So as you can imagine I was thrilled to be booked to sing there.
I’ve done loads of Mess dinners in the past but each one is a little different. On this occasion I was booked to sing for an hour in the bar at 10.30pm after all the offices had finished dinning. At Chicksands it’s not just home to the RAF but to the Army and Navy too and I have to say all the officers looked very smart in their regimental colours. I don’t think I have ever been in a room with so many tall men!

Chicksands Gothic Architecture!

Mind you they can get a little high spirited but nothing we couldn’t handle and one officer recognised me from The Chaps Ball I attended in London last year. He and his friend then wanted to teach me how to throw a right hook and how to slap a man with maximine effect. Education is never a waist and one never knows when a skill like that might come in useful. I guess if you want to learn how to fight you might as well learn from the Royal Marines! Men sort of know how to fight naturally and now I know where to tuck my thumb and what part of the jaw to amie for should one ever be placed in such a situation!
It’s amazing the people I meet on my travels and the skills they wish to pass on!
Well I’m all set for Saturdays “From Cobbles to Rock” show a 100 years of Music and Costume and I really must have another look at my words tomorrow. There are the odd one or two songs I’ve not sung in a while where I need to refresh my memory. So I need to set some time aside to rehearse. Don’t forget you can catch me on Sunday at Roughton Regis’s Vintage car show on the green. It’s free and I shall be performing 3 x 45 minute shows daily. I shall be on at 11.30 am with my ATS “We’ll Meet Again” show 1.30pm “In the Mood” an American Glamour show and at 3pm with my “Swinging 1950s and 60s” show. Sadly the weather fore cast doesn’t look good but the show must go on what ever the weather I hope you can all make it along. I will be bringing my mack!
Gosh look at the time – so bed now I think! Next week is all set to be another busy week with the run up to “Salute to the 40s” in Chatham but more of that later.
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