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A Voice in a Million

Hooray for the WI and Shakespeare!

I’m just back from doing a 1950s Jubilee show in Datchet for the Monday Club and guess who was doing the refreshments – Datchet WI. Wonderful! I love the WI in fact that’s how I started out as a professional entertainer entertaining the WI not as a singer but doing stand-up in the Joyce Grenfell vein so I owe a lot to the WI. A big thank-you for the fantastic cake and Trifle that was just what I needed after all that singing!
I really enjoyed todays show as I was able to include all my favourtes and I even sang some Opera today which went down really well. Ofcourse my favourite song is “So in Love” from Cole Porter’s Kiss Me Kate. Between you and me I think I would make a good Kathrine (I’m kind of in the mood at the mo to sing “I hate Men”) but when it comes to Shakespeare’s characters I think I’m most like a Beatrice from Much ado About Nothing. I would so love to have the chance to play her again but sadly I never get that opertunity as I’m always working singing for a living so to do a play is quite impossible. Mind you that doesn’t stop me from quoting from the play or at least re-wording it slightly in my everyday life only it seems to go over the heads of every-one- particuly men! Is it me or are Men stupid? Yorn Yorn!
Speaking of which I think it’s time for bed and I will re-read my play and the wonderful langue which is Shakespeare in particular the Beatrice and Benedick scenes!
Toodle Pip and Up the Wooden Hill to Bedfordshire I go! ;->