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Hollywood Style Tips with a Modern Twist!

Red Lips and Waved Hair 1920s Gatsby Style!

Red Lips and Waved Hair 1920s Gatsby Style!

The other day I was out and about and a lady came up and asked me if I had any style tips and ideas about how she might archive a Hollywood look while still maintaining something of her own modern style. I thought for a while and then I remembered seeing a picture of the Puppini Sisters and how they mixed skinny jeans with cropped tops and floral blouses which set my mind ticking over. Up to now I have always used my blog diary to tell you about my latest shows and where I will next be performing but it seems more and  more of you are interested in my style and vintage fashion tips so I thought this might be a good time to share a few of them with you now.

Certainly one of the easiest ways to add that hint of vintage glamour is to have  bright red lips and the lipsticks which work best are often those with a slight bluey tinge. There are some wonderful winter shades available on the high street at the moment which just shout out Hollywood glamour. Of-course when it comes to hair, Rita Hayworth  has always been something of the ideal regardless of the decade. So if you can give your own hair shape and curve by taking some time out to put it in rollers, add that side parting and the finished results can look fabulous.  If you have short hair think Putting on the Ritz, Gatsby parties and the 1920s. If you add a wave that can look great with a pretty side clip or do a Lady Mary from Downton Abbey and stick with the classic bob.  Another little vintage tip is to take your liquid eyeliner and to give your top eye lid a flick in the outer corner. I wear my make-up like this  all the time and it always looks glamorous. Regardless if your clothes are rock chick or High Street if you concentrate on the hair eyes and lips you can give your every-day look that vintage twist. So don’t forget to have fun as there is no harm in having a go!

This weekend I’m back in the office catching up on paperwork and then on Tuesday I’m up to Yorkshire so I’ve much to do in the mean time. Keep Watching and I shall try to include a few more fashion tips in the future. It seems you have been enjoying my Facebook posts on Out-fit of the week and I have lots more lovely out-fits to share with you so don’t forget to keep following.

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