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Happy Easter As My Shows Play On Through 2021!

On Stage Today at Newton Court!

Getting PATS Tested for 2021

Hello every-one I’m just between shows as I get set for Easter with a little run of concerts which will be keeping me busy over the Easter weekend. Today I was singing at Newton Court in Olney for a special 90th Birthday. I had been engaged to sing a mixture of music from the musicals and Operas which went down extremely well and I’m looking forward to returning in September when I’ve been engaged to sing for a 70th Wedding anniversary.

Now the weather is starting to get warmer it’s great to be working out-side again with a live audience. It’s encouraging to see bookings starting to come in and tomorrow I shall be performing the first of my Easter Bonnet shows. With so many venues not able to open up it’s still my driveway concerts which are proving to be the most popular. I didn’t think that by this time of year venues would still be in lock-down but it is good to see movement and I’m looking forward to getting back to some sort of normality.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays fine. Tomorrow I’m off to Aylesbury, then onto Weston Turville, Stoke Hammond, Dunstable and finishing in Biggleswade. I have a variety of different shows to perform over Easter

Happy Easter!

while in between times learning new material. Last Friday I had all my equipment PATS tested ready for the new season and now I’m raring to go!

One of the new songs I’ve been working on has been “That Man” which was originally performed by Caro Emerald. It’s very popular with dancers on the Lindy Hop and dance scene. It’s one of my projects for when we come out of lock down but I’m keen to record it and produce some photographic imagery to go with it. I have a lot of ideas buzzing around in my head at the moment as I research possible venues and explore different costumes ideas.

That’s all my news for now as I send you all my best wishes and hope you have a wonderful Easter.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉