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Going Vintage with the Polka Dots & Tea at Great Gaddesden!

Out and About with the Polka Dot Dolls!

Out and About with the Polka Dot Dolls!

Intresting Memorials in Great Gaddesden!

Intresting Memorials in Great Gaddesden!

Fate can sometimes be a very funny thing! I was all set to go to Somerset this weekend and then events took a completely different turn which ment my plans changed. I’ve been on the road a fair bit these last three months so to spend a weekend at home hasn’t been a bad thing. I was able to spend all of Saturday sorting out my costumes. In truth I must have looked a compleat fright as Saturday was one of those days where I got ready to go out running in the morning but never quite made it as I set to work on being ruthless with my wardrobe. Not that I ever am as I can’t bear to through anything away!

So by Sunday I was ready for a day out and made my way over to Rickmansworth and the Moor Vintage fashion Fair at The Royal Masonic School for Girls. I only found out about it by chance thanks to my facebook friend Brian Lyle who posted up the details onto my page and then my decsion to go was all very last-minute. Mind you I’m jolly glad I did go as I had the pleasure of seeing the Polka Dot Dolls who I had the joy of working with last weekend at Chatham’s “Salute to the 40s”. I enjoyed their show very much which when you are working one never really gets the chance to do.  Afterwards we sat down over tea and cake and had a good girly natter and laugh over who had  done the weirdest job. There’s was a China Doll convention where mine was a nudist camp! That’s the funny thing about showbiz you sometimes get asked to do the strangest things and at the end of the day work’s work! Oh I’ve just thought perhaps I should clarify when I said nudist camp it was a 1940s fancy dress night and every-one was wearing clothes so I wasn’t expected to perform naked! Thank goodness! A lot of thought goes into my outfits and it would be a shame not to wear them!

On the way back I popped into the village of Great Gaddesden and the Church of St John the Baptist. On my way over to Rickmansworth I spotted a sign advertising the Church was open for cream teas which seems to be a very popular way of raising money for churches these days. While I’ve been out and about on my travelles I often see signs and if I can I always try to visit. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many churches on these open days and when I think of it cream teas are my one weakness! If you follow me on facebook I expect you have seen my photos from the weekend but I have to say I was particularly impressed with the Halsey Chapel. Other wise known as the Bone House as it contains some wonderful memorials to the Halsey family. Check out my photos on Facebook. The church dates from the 12th century and the chancel is part built of Roman bricks. It’s thought that the brick came from a Roman Villa near to the site and the windows are mostly Victorian with a beautiful St Francis in the north isle.

That’s all my news for now but do keep watching as next week I booked to go all WW1!

Toodle Pip and Bye for now!