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Getting Ship shape and My New Artical!

Since returning home from Chatham I’ve had so much to sort out between my shows that I’m rather enjoying my first weekend off since May. The truth of it is I was all lined up to do a couple of radio interviews down in Somerset this weekend but for some reason the gentleman I was going to see didn’t reply and it left it all too late for me to organise my B&B. I can only assume he might have been taken ill as he messaged me on Facebook earlier this week but then I heard nothing after Tuesday when it came to finalising details. So if George Bateman of Apple FM Taunton is reading this I hope you are well and if not I hope you get better soon! Mind you the last few weeks I have been having terable trouble with my e-mails and BT. I can receive but sending out is proving to be difficult. I use to use incredamail and now I’m having to go through BT Yahoo which is really inconvenient because my address book is with incredamail. I can at least send out now, but I’m having to spend this weekend going over what I’ve sent which makes for more work which I could really do with-out. Such a nuisance!

What with one thing and another I haven’t been quite so active on facebook this week but I would like to thank all you photographers who have posted up your wonderful photos from Chatham’s “Salute to the 40s”. Thankyou for your photographs they are lovely to look at and it’s great to have a record of events. This year I employed a young film maker David Boyle to make a show real of my performances so do watch out for that and I will keep you posted when it’s ready! I would also like to thank-you for your letters congratulating me on my performances. I made some very brave choices this year and I’m pleased you enjoyed the selection of songs I choose including my WW1 set. When ever your booked to do an out-door show one always gets a few interruptions but I hope it didn’t spoil your enjoyment too much. Thankyou to the gentleman who kindly wrote to me and I’m so pleased you have been enjoying my latest album “The Good Old Days”. I’m very proud of it particularly as I recorded it in two days and I had it out on sale from start to finnish in 19 days flat, quite an achievement even if I do say so myself!

Some more news and for those of you who take the Best of British magazine might already know my latest article has just been published in October’s issue. I’m on pages 78 -79 and this time I have writain about the Music Hall stage and it’s reference to WW1. I think it has come out rather well as Music Hall is a fascinating subject and there is so much one can write about. I’ve had such a busy season and this year I was very proud I was able to squeeze in the writing between my shows. When you think I did 38 shows in August that was no mean feat! Other interesting articles this month include one by Rebecca McWattie on Mary Quant and the woman who put the swing into the 60s and Beamsh Trams by Peter Stephenson so do pop down to your local WH Smiths and pick up a copy that’s if you haven’t already done so. This is my 6th artical for the magazine and I’m already working on my 7th. If you would like to catch up on my past features  you can read them by clicking onto my Articals page at the top of my web-site.

Next week I’m back on the road again as it’s a weekend of WW1 shows and then I’m off to Cinderford and Mitcheldean in Gloustershire

Time to Get Ship Shape!

Time to Get Ship Shape!

the following week.

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