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Going Pearly Queen, A Rocking Weekend in Lavenham & The Cockney Rebels!

Out and About in Lavenham!

On stage with Robbie Gladwell and his Band!

Hello every-one it’s just a very quick blog tonight as I have a full week ahead performing Pearly Queen shows to tie in with St Georges Day. To-day I had two shows back to back and I’m out again tomorrow performing the same and then over to the recording studio. If you caught my Facebook pages you will know Paul and I were performing away last weekend in the charming Suffolk town of Lavenham.

For all you 1940s fans out there you may be interested to know we will be returning to Lavenham for the towns 1940s event on Sunday 20th May. While we were in town we had lunch at The Crooked House, Munnings Tea Room

Show in Full Swing Rocking the Night Away!

and when the lady found out what we did she booked us straight away to perform. So if you happen to be in Lavenham on the 20th May do pop along to see us. We will be singing all day out-side from 10.30am – 4.30pm 20 minutes on twenty minutes off.

I have to say Lavenham is one of my favorite towns. It’s so Shakespearean and on this occasion Paul and I stayed at The Angel Hotel. I know the hotel having stayed there before and we had been booked to sing for a special 80th birthday. One set Pearly Queen as many of the guests including the Birthday boy were from London originally and the other set songs from the 1950s 60s and 70s which really got the party rocking! On this occasion we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Robbie Gladwell and his band which some of you may remember from his days with “The Cockney Rebels”.

The evening couldn’t have gone better as we all sang along and rocked the night away. A big thank-you to Carole for inviting Paul and I to sing and for hosting such a wonderful party.  I know Goff enjoyed his Birthday immensely!

Out-side The Crooked House at Munnings Tea Room!

This Saturday I will be hanging up my Pearly Queen costume in favor of my Chantilly lace petty coats as I sing the music of the 1950s and 60s at The Weatherly Centre in Biggleswade. Tickets are £10 each and you can find full details by clicking the photo.

That’s all my news for now Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!