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All Go – Aldershot, East Ham, The Web-site and WW1!

Me all WW1 Photo by Bee Jackson

Me all WW1 Photo by Bee Jackson

I’m sorry to say I’m in a frightful dash this evening. I’ve just got back from performing a WW1 show and I’ve been really busy all week getting everything ready for Rachel my web-designer, as we had a meeting this morning. Now I’ve gone mobile with my web-site I have been working really hard to up date my pages in particular the 1940s one which we will be going live with next week. Tecknolagee is moving really fast and it’s important I move with it. You can see this in photos and how they are now up loading. Before you would always need to sharpen, now you don’t need to as the modern programs do it automatically. I have lots of plans for my web-site and I shall be adding lots of new pages  as we go along. I’ve tried to tidy things up a bit on my 1940s page and we will be in bedding all my 1940s videos onto that page so it will make it easier to use and less of a fiddle having to click onto my You Tube channel. I shall be adding a separate credits page as I felt this was making the 1940s page too long and also a video and show reel page making things more customer friendly. I also have lots of new photos to add and I’m looking forward to showing you Amy Elisibeth Philips photos who I worked with earlier this year. She took some cracking shots of me at Swanwick Station and Angela Adams who I worked with last year on a 1920s and 30s shoot. I only used a fraction of what she did for the 20s and 30s page and I’m looking forward to using more.

Things are going crazy with WW1 and a couple of years ago I had the pleasure of working with Dave and Bee Jackson of Retro Air Photographic. They took some great photos of me in WW1 costume and I shall be wearing that costume tomorrow when I sing for a Blackadder do in Aldershot. You can also catch me at The Mayor’s Newham Show in Central Park, East Ham on Sunday. I’m on stage at 1.25pm – 2.25pm with “Pack Up Your Troubles” my WW1 show and also at 3.35pm – 4.05 with my Big Band and Swing Show. I shall also be compereing all through the day as my alter ego “Evette the Spivette” so it’s going to be a very full weekend.

Next week I’m back in the recording studio with Richard and I’m playing at Redesdale Hall in Moreton in the Mash on the 19th July for their WW1 remembrance. I must dash now. Enjoy the photo this is one of Bee Jackson’s

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