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Getting Set for my Accounts Weekend!

Fiona-suits-_115aI’m in a bit of a dash tonight as I’m getting set to go away tomorrow for my accounts weekend. I do this every year, check myself into a Premier Inn and concentrate on getting my accounts up to date and ship-shape for my accountant. I like to be organized and this week has been very productive. Dates are selling well and I’ve sent out more than 60 contracts this week alone. It’s great to see the year taking shape and I’m looking forward to a fantastic 2016.

This time of year is all about getting ship-shape. Connie went in for her service last week, I was at the dentist this week and I’m booked into the opticians for my annal apointment next week. I also paid my tax bill in full and recived my new Equity card so you could say all is on track. Investing in a trainer has really paid of and I was back in the gym with Elliot today. My ankles are still a little week from twisting them last Thursday but they are getting stronger and I was able to go out jogging on Tuesday and Wednesday or be it rather carefully. It was important for me to wear heels today as I had a show this afternoon. I could feel my ankles were still not quite there but as long as I’m careful I think all will be well.

I’m pleased to say I’ve lost a little more weight this week although my tummy still isn’t quite as flat as I would like. I’ve been doing my tummy exercises every day  and we are getting there as I want to look my very best for camera. I had a dress fitting tonight with Judi for my Capri pants and to check on my dresses. Capri pants can be very unforgiving if ones tummy isn’t flat although I made a slight change to my design. I’ve decided to extend the leg to mid calf rather than just under the knee. I think the longer leg will make me look a little taller and as I’m only 5 foot 3 looking like I might have longer legs wont be a bad thing!

I’m going to have to leave it here tonight as I must get on. Next week I’m in the recording studio and I start on filming so more on that next week.

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!