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A Voice in a Million

From Halloween to Warwick!

Me with Junor as The Phantom of the Opera!

These last few days I have been going over songs in prep for my Halloween show which I’m not long back from and I’m thrilled to say all went well. In truth I had not sung alot of these songs for a while but the pratice really paid off and I didn’t make one mistake – what a relief phew!
As a child I use to love Halloween but in those days there was none of this buy a costume in a packet rubbish – you had to make everything yourself! My father made me a witches hat out of black cartridge paper and wood glue so it would be really strong and my Great Aunt made me a cloak out of black out curtains she had kept from the 1940s. My favourite book was Jill Murphy’s “The Worst Witch” and with my long plats I didn’t look that dissimilar to the main character Mildred Hubble. I still have that book today and the illustrations are beautiful. The fore runner to Harry Potter!
When it came to what to wear today I choose a plain red dress which I accessorised with my sparkly spider broach and spider head dress. Most of the songs in my Halloween show are from the Big Band and swing era so I didn’t want anything too costumey which is why I went for glamour. My red dress is lovely to wear with a fabulous swish to the skirt! Needless to say I had to make the most of that during “Fly Me to the Moon” and “Witchcraft” – swish swish!
Tomorrow I’m heading off to Warwick for a show and I’m thinking I might stay an extra night. Warwick is one of those places I’ve passed through many times on my way to somewhere but never had the chance to visit. Saturday I was supposed to be in Didcot at the Civic Hall but sadly the booking fell through so it has given me a free evening. I shall see how I feel but I quite fancy having a look at the castle and I believe there are one or two rather nice Antique shops which I might visit if I get the chance. We will just have to see. With regards this weekend I shall make it up as I go along and see where the mood takes me but what ever happens I must be back for “The Paradise” and “Downton Abbey” on Sunday evening – My favourite I can’t resist a costume Drama!
Monday I’m out bright and early – I’m back in the recording studio. I have some new medley arrangements I want to put into production and with the centenary I’m investing into WW1. So lots happening.
Oh that reminds me do check out your Best of British magazine this November and my new advert on page 53. I’ve gone World War One with a touch of Evette the Spivette so I hope you all like the design. It shouldn’t be long now before you can see my new articles page on my web-site. I know Rachel is working on it as I write so keep watching and I shall keep you posted.
That’s about all my news for now as I must do my packing!
Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!