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Fridays Photo Shoot!

Behind the sceens doing 40s swim wear

Hello every-one so sorry I wasn’t able to write my blog last night but after a 5 hour photo shoot and yes it was 5 hours in the end and not 4 – I was too tired to do so. We all were by the end poor Colin the photographer had been on his feet all day and my mother had come along too to help me get in and out of my dresses quicker as a dresser can really save time. So after a whole day of being in front of the camera 600 photos and 16 costume changes later I know I’ve got the shots I’m after for my web-site. Phew what a releaf as it takes a great deal of time and pre to get things just right when you go before the camera. I’ve really been working out as I wanted a particular shape for the swim suit shots so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I will look ok. I’ve also been asked to write an artical on exersise so any dignaty I may have had has now gone right out of the window as I had to demonstrate certin exersises in my gym gear – I don’t think Jane Fonder will have anything to worry about though! I’m keeping my fingers crossed the photos will come out alright as I don’t want to have to do it all again! I should get the photos through next week so I will keep you all posted!
As with any photo shoot I do I was in the hairdresses nice and early at 8.30am and Angela was able to work her magic on me and do my hair. Last night I did my usal trick of going to bed with a pair of knickers on my head as I can usaly make one of Angelas styles last a week! I have a show tonight so hair is one less thing for me to worry about tonight thank goodness but I must dash in a minute or two to get ready.
In the mean time I hope you enjoy a few of my behind the sceen shots of yesterday! A big thank-you to every-one who lent me props to Joe of Pitstone Museum, Phil of Bushy Hall and to Rick for the loane of his 1920s movie camera and portable type writer. Thank-you every-one now I really must dash
Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!

Having my hair done at Angelas
My dressing table full of accessories!