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Feeling Restless!

Today I’ve been trying to relax a bit and took some time out to visit Woburn’s Village Fair – but in truth I didn’t enjoy the day as much as I should have. I’ve spent so much time working that I’ve rather forgotten what it is to relax. I found myself wondering around feeling really board with everything I saw which is un fair as there was plenty going on. I just feel really restless at the moment and I can’t seem to settle. September is a very busy month for me so I wanted to enjoy this day and some how it just didn’t lift my spirits as days outs usaly do. However saying that I did enjoy my cup of tea and cake in the cript along with the church. Woburn has a really beautiful church with a fantastic alter and if nothing eles I was able to spend a few minutes there and collected my thoughts!
Back to work tomorrow and I have shows all week. Two 20s and 30s ones a Battle of Britain Dinner and then I’m off to Sheringham for the 40s weekend so I’m looking forward to that.
Early night I think maybe what I need more than anything is rest.
Thanks for dropping in and Toodle Pip!