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Back from Kings Lynn!

What a great night we all had at the Corn Exchange! I’m just back from Kings Lynn and I have to say I feel rather proud of my-self as I drove Connie and I’m really starting to get the feel for her now! Although when it comes to seeing South West and South East you really can’t see a thing in a van. It’s rather down to “He who Dears Wins Rodny” as Del Boy would say! But what a difference a van makes as I can now transport all my kit and know I’ve got everything I could possibly need, with all angles covered! Phew!
Last night was a show for the 10 Anniversay Dinner for the Tactical Imagery Intelligence Wing of the RAF and what a wonderful selection of 1940s costumes there were too. My favourites were the two air man who came compleate with their own little Spitfires. When they ran along their little wings wobbled and they both looked wonderful! Needless to say we had quite a few air men with wired out scarfs, a Heir Flick, lots of Dads Army costumes and no shortage of men dressed as women! The RAF really know how to let their hair down!!!!
A big thank-you to Janet who arranged the Dinner and to my sound engineer Stefen who once again did a fantastic job.
Today I came back via Olney which if you don’t know is a wonderful little town full of fantastic shops. I did rather see a lovely dress in bright orange which would be perfect for my Halloween show, but they didn’t have my size, probably just as well really! But then I did leave my card!
Well must dash I’ve 100s of e-mails to catch up with – Oh before I forget I’ve had a few changes made to my Evette the Spivette page on my web-site. Still a few teaks to make but we are more or less there. I hope you like Burlesque Evette. Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!