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Costume Fittings & Booked to Play St James’s Palace!

Out with Paul on Valentines Day!

Once again I’m in something of a dash tonight as I’m deep in rehearsals with My Fair Lady. I open on the 1st March and I’m still working on adapting the script for my one woman show version. Tonight I had a costume fitting with Judi and everything is coming along splendidly. Although I confess I’m very conscious of how little time is remaining. I’ve completed the sewing of my hats although I’m just finishing off my Ascot one. My grey top hat turned up a couple of days ago which is just the ticket for Freddie Eynsford-Hill and this weekend I’m planning on doing something of a semi dress rehearsal.

My Fair Lady Dress Fitting!

I know what I’ve got to do and when but I need to time the mechanics and it’s important the show keeps to the straight through 60 minute format. In between rehearsals I’ve been out performing Valentines shows and Paul came up to join me last week which was delightful as we spent Valentines day together.

This Friday I’ve been invited to go on Big Al’s radio show on L&D Radio which I must prepare for in between catching up with my paper-work. I’ve also been engaged to perform at St James Palace this coming March for a special centenary event which will be attended by the Princess Royal. I shall tell you more about that closer to the day but in the mean time I must get back to My Fair Lady.

Keep Following and Toodle Pip for Now!

A Hat in Progress for the Ascot Scene!