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Christmas Green!

One of my favourite colours is green and certanly when it comes to doing Christmas shows Green seems to suit very well. This is one of my favourite dresses which I bought to go with theses original 1940s shoes. The only snag is they are a little on the big side and I can’t really walk in them but then that’s just a detail. Only women reading this blog will understand, but there are a few times in a girls life when you see something you really love and then all sence flies out the window and well you just have to make it work. I gess this is one of those moments! I just slip them on before I do my show and then hay pesto off I go. I know I shouldn’t admit to this but by the end of the show I’m really kind of glad to take them off but I do love them so! Shoes they really are my down fall!
If I had been the lucky winner of that lottery ticket that no one claimed I think one of the things I’d do apart from the overers things is have all my shoes made for me and yes I would have these ones copied and made to fit perfectly. How wonderful would that be – Oh while I’m dreaming I’d also get my blue ones remade which broke the other day too!
Apart from all this nonsence about shoes I have been very busy with Christmas shows and today I start on my two shows daily. I’ve also been trying to get all my Christmas cards done but it just seems to be a never ending job I can’t seem to get on top of so please forgive me if your Christmas card arrive late this year but I am trying very had to get them all done.
Must dash as I need to get ready for my show. Keep Watching and I hope you love my green shoes as much as I do. Thanks for following and Toodle Pip for Now!

Me in my Christmas Dress!

My Beautiful 1940s Shoes!