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Chinese New Year, Knickerbockers and Discovering a Lost Video!

Today I have been out and about performing for Chinese New Year. A bit of a difficult one on the face of it but nothing I couldn’t handle. So I put on my oriental dress and went all party with the 50s and 60s. I had hoped it might be the year of the Chicken or Rabbit as I have songs to cover both from my Easter Bonnet show but being the year of the Horse the closest I could get to it was the line “hold your horses” in the Frank Sinatra song “Nice and Easy”.
While I was having my nails done this morning I was asked by one of the girls if I would be dressing up as a dragon? It did make me laugh rather. My reply was “Only George finds me so – regardless of weather I wear my costume or not – ha ha”!
My diary is filling up with more and more requests for WW1 shows and after today it did make me think that perhaps I ought to look at the number “Chinatown my Chinatown”. Written in 1910 it’s a great opening number and if you have ever been to see the Panto Aladdin it’s usually the number they use to open the show. I always feel it’s good to have a song for every occasion and to be honest I don’t know many other Chinese songs which would work – so perhaps I ought to invest in it. Mind you after this morning maybe I ought to do “Puff the Magic Dragon” – now there’s and idea. I could spin it over for St Georges Day too!
When it comes to WW1 I’m finding the interest is really growing which is making me think I could do with another costume which I can wear and work in during the day. The hobble skirt looks great but not easy to drive in. I’m always dashing from show to show and I often like to turn up for my day time shows already dressed to perform which saves me time. The problem with WW1 is there are two distinctive looks. The hobble skirt and what they call the War crinoline. The War crinoline has a bell shaped skirt and is usually worn with a drooped waist and looks dreadful. It does nothing for anyone so I don’t really want to go there although it does give greater movement. I’m thinking I might wear knickerbockers with button or lace up boots but knickerbockers at that time were really only ever worn by women on the farm or for cycaling. What I need is something smart and stylish so I shall keep with it and get my thinking cap on.
For those of you who have been following me on face book you will have come across my new forgotten video which was hidden in my computer. It’s me performing with the Milton Keynes City Orchestra Big Band and was taken a few years ago. I’m singing my War Time sing along medley which has been a real main stay of my 1940s act. I had the medley written in 1995 for 4 piece and then it was made into a backing track not long after. In 1998 I had the parts written out for Big Band which is what you can hear on the video and last year my friend Bill wrote the parts out for me for concert band. I also had the backing track re-done last year too so it’s been a great medley. If you haven’t seen the film yet just click onto my you tube button in the top left hand corner and you can view the film on my channel.
Tomorrow I’m in London and then on Sunday I will be up at the Stoneleigh Militaria show so looking forward to that very much. I shall then be away for a few days as I’ve planned to have a bit of a break in Stratford Upon Avon and the Cotswold’s as I like the area very much and I want to play the tourist! So something else to look forward to.
When I get back I will tell you all my news. Well that’s everything for now keep watching and Toodle Pip!