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Chichester and Russell and Bromley!

 I’m not long back from a great weekend in Chichester and yes I was able to take my shoes into Russell and Bromley. I wasn’t quite sure what response I was going to get because when I complain about my shoes squeeking people normaly laugh. Not at Russell and Bromley they understood perfectly and knew what the problem was straight away. I exsplained I had bought the shoes from their store in November 1999 – I have a very good memory for fashion although they did asked me if I had the recipt still. Untill 2 years ago I did but I’ve since had a clear out! Then I brought out my 1940s ones and what a wow they caused. They are not use to getting shoes that old and I asked if they could repair the lace hole. Both pairs have now gone off so I’m hoping they can repair them and work their magic so fingers crossed as I wear both pairs alot!
Well I couldn’t let a trip to Chichester go by and not visit the cathedral and doesn’t it look wonderful too. I snaped this photo while I was standing out-side House of Fraser. While I was in town I had lunch at Bill’s. I was first introduced to Bill’s restaurant when I was in Brighton some years ago but I was never able to get a table as they were always fully book. They now have a resturant in Chichester and what they do is shabby chic – simple food with a twist! check out their web-site I had the Crab, Salmon and Chili fishcakes with skin on fries and very yummy it was too. Great resturant with great service! If ever you come across a Bill’s it’s well worth calling in for lunch!

There’s nothing I love more than pottering about and looking around the shops. Chichester is my favourite city for shopping as it’s not too big and it’s full of quality stores. I picked up in one of the charity shops a vintage Burbury mack which is going to come in very useful when I do my next photo shoot! I also picked up a lovely pair of navy shoes in House of Frazer but sadly the thigh boots I tried on were a little too small which was a shame as they would have worked beautiful for my Steam Punk look! Something eles I have been working on!
On the way back to the car park I came across this lovely green car. A passer by told me it was a Sprite and took my picture isn’t it beautiful I love the colour.
Today I visited Portchester Castle and the church of St Mary’s. It was built in the 1120s of Isle of Wight stone for a community of Augustin Monks so full of history. I love visiting old buildings and churches and on my way home I called into Berkhamstead and had a look around one of my favourite antique centres “Home and Colonial”. I caught their last 30 mins of opening and they have lots of lovely new Vintage clothes in stock so I must come back when I have more time. Tomorrow I’m singing for a wake and then its St Georges day so I’m fully booked for the 23rd.
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Portchester Castle