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Blocked in by an Elf and Off to Quainton!

Me at The Inn at Woburn!

Hello every-one so sorry I haven’t blogged much these last few days but I have been on the road a great deal and in fact it’s been non stop. I forget how many shows I’ve done now but I know I’m past half way and I still have some very important shows to do so it’s full steam ahead.
Yesterday I turned up at a party where every-one had dressed up as elves which did make me smile rather. Sometimes people forget what they are wearing and it can be quite hard having a serous conversation with a man dressed as an Elf with big pointy ears. Although it must be difficult for elves to get around in pointy shoes with bells on when the points start to turn in. One lady Elf had to take her shoes off as she was starting to trip over and it’s not every day you get blocked in by an elf in a blue Fiat.

Me at The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre!

I think I’ve seen everything this Christmas dashing from show to show and Saturday was a real killer as I was at dropping point by the end after performing 3 shows that day. Nothing sleep couldn’t put right and my shoulders and back have really toned up with all the lifting of speakers I’ve been doing this season.
Today I was in Woburn and I decided to have lunch at The Inn at Woburn before dashing off to Quainton for my next show. I was booked to sing for the U3A’s Christmas Party and they had highed the Railway centre. I know the Railway centre very well as I’ve sung at lots of 1940s events there and used it as a venue for some of my photo shoots so it was lovely to be back!

My friend Kim only lives down the road from the centre and she was able to make it along with her daughter Lily which was wonderful.
Thank you for inviting me to dinner Kim it was lovely to see you both and thank-you for a wonderful meal!
I’ve two shows again tomorrow so I really must get to bed as my first one is at 11.30am.
Thank-you for following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!